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Aodh Ruadh fall just short after late rally

Under 12 football
30 July 2014
Four Masters 3-11
Aodh Ruadh 4-5
Tir Chonaill Park

A second half comeback from Aodh Ruadh was not enough to take the win against Four Masters in the sides' under 12 league meeting on Wednesday evening. Aodh Ruadh started the better of the two sides, rapidly going two points up. However Four Masters quickly got to grips with the visitors and launched a barrage on the Ballyshannon posts which soon saw them race into a substantial lead.

Aodh Ruadh restructured at half time and managed to staunch the flow of scores. Then a magnificent solo goal from Kyle Murray gave the Ernesiders the glimmer of a chance. The netbuster seemed to shake the Donegal town side's confidence and they also seemed to flag a little as their earlier exertions started to take their toll.

Aodh Ruadh then launched a concerted assault which had Four Masters penned in front of their goals for much of the final quarter as the visitors steadily ate into the deficit. Had the game gone on another five minutes there is little doubt Aodh Ruadh would have taken the spoils, but they just left themselves with too much work to do in too little time and came up short on a scoreline of 3-11 to 4-5.

Best for Aodh Ruadh was Colm McGloin who put in a magnificent and brave performance despite clearly struggling with a leg injury. He gave a real leader's performance. Cian Rooney provided an effective link between defence and attack. Jake Foley did well around the centre of the field, as did Eugene Doherty when he came on. Meannnwhile Kyle Murray was superb in the second half, proving the catalyst and focal point for Aodh Ruadh's late revival.

Aodh Ruadh enjoyed more success in the junior game, running out good winners. Jake Foley and Cian McGloin featured strongly again, while Corey Ryan, Frankie McGinley, Bridín Maguire and David Doherty all delivered good displays.

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