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The Donegal Democrat Archive - 1940

The archive begins in July

July 20th, 1940 edition
Thrill-packed struggle at Bundoran.
Cavan had a narrow victory over donegal in the semi-final of the Ulster Senior Football Championship at Bundoran on Sunday
Cavan 0-12 Donegal 2-3
The game was one of the best witnessed at a Donegal venue for a considerable time past.
Ballyshannon players on the Donegal team were: H McGuinness, M. Melly, S. Slevin and J Gallagher.

August 24th, 1940 edition
What promises to be the match of the season takes place at Erne Park on Sunday next August 25th between Kilcar and Ballyshannon.
The following team will represent Ballyshannon.
H. McGuinness, T. Gallagher, S. Kane, P. McIntyre, J. McGarrigle, J. Daly, S. Slevin, B. McShane, M. Slevin, J. Gallagher, P. J. Goan, Melly, P, Stephens, J. McDermott.
Subs: D. Grimes, M. Murray.

August 31st, 1940 edition
A large crowd witnessed the defeat of Kilcar on Sunday when they travelled to meet Ballyshannon at Erne Park. The homesters, though playing against a strong breeze, were winning by a comfortable margin at half time. The half time score was Ballyshannon 2-4, Kilcar 1-3. The full time scores were: Ballyshannon 3-8 Kilcar [print obscured]-4