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The Donegal Democrat Archive - 1941

March 29th, 1941 edition
Southern divisional board
A meeting of South Divisional Board (G.A.A.) was held in the '98 Hall Ballyshannon on Sunday last.
Delegates were in attendance from Donegal, Bundoran, Frosses, Barnesmore, Mountcharles, Cashelard, Corlea, Mr. H. Daly Divisional Secretary was also present.

April 19th, 1941 edition
Democrat Cup semi-final. Kilcar v Ballyshannon
In connection with the above match at Killybegs on Sunday next the 20th April a special rail bus will leave Ballyshannon the 1.30pm fl sharp. Those intending to go will please hand in their names to John McDermott or John McGuinness on or before Saturday next. The fare which is only 2s 6d is considered very reasonable.

April 26th, 1941 edition
Before a large attendance of spectators at Maguires Park, Killybegs on Sunday in a most exciting game, Kilcar defeated Ballyshannon by a narrow margin to 2 points in the semi-final of the Democrat Cup competition.
Ballyshannon team: M. Murray, T. Gallagher, Sean Slevin, B. Gallagher, Seamus Slevin, M. Melly, J. McGarrigle, D. Doherty, B. McShane, J. Gallagher, J. McDermott, M. Slevin, P. Stephens, J. Daly, S. Kane.

May 31st, 1941 edition
A general meeting of the Aodh Ruadh Football Club was held on Sunday and incidents at the recent seven-a-side tournament were discussed.
The meeting was unanimous in condemning the action of those club members and the view was freely expressed that if such conduct persisted among the members the very future of the club would be prejudiced rendering the carrying on of a club totally impossible. Four members appeared before the meeting to account for their part in the incidents which it was alleged resulted from their misconduct.

July 5th, 1941 edition
A meeting of the South Donegal Divisional Board was held in the Commercial Hotel, Ballyshannon on Wednesday. Mr J. McDermott in the absence of the chairman presiding.
J. McDermott said that at a meeting of the Ballyshannon club it was decided to arrange a seven or eight a-side for the club in order to get the game in progress.
It was decided to join Corlea with Ballyshannon in this arrangement.

July 19th, 1941 edition
Cavan win by narrow margin
Before an attendance which represented a "gate" of over £160, Cavan defeated Donegal in the semi-finals of the Ulster senior and minor football championships in two closely contested encounters.
Cavan 1-6 Donegal 0-7
M. Melly from Ballyshannon played on the Donegal team.
In the minor game Cavan defeated Donegal by 2-6 to 0-5. Cavan's side were much better balanced than the Donegal team. Ballyshannon players were: D. Doherty and P. Stephens.

September 20th, 1941 edition
G.A.A. Games
Donegal senior football championship
Before a fair attendance at the Pearse Memorial Park, Ardara on Sunday, Glenties qualified for the final of the Donegal senior football championship by defeating Ballyshannon by 1-7 to 2-2.
Ballyshannon Team: H. McGuinness, J. McDermott, Sean Slevin, J. McGarrigle, W. Slevin, D. Doherty, R. Gallagher, M. Melly, J. Gallagher, P. Stephens, B. McShane, S. Kane, J. McGuinness, Seamus Slevin, M. Slevin.

November 29th, 1941 edition
Army v Ballyshannon
On Sunday last an Army team met Ballyshannon in the return friendly match. Both teams were below ordinary strength owing to the absence of many regular players.