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The Donegal Democrat Archive - 1942

Some of the papers were missing from this year so there are no records of the first round or the quarter final.

January 3rd, 1942 edition
Aodh Ruadh Club Annual Whist Drive and Celidhe
The Annual Whist Drive and Celidhe over the auspices of the Aodh Ruadh Club Ballyshannon which was held in the '98 Hall Ballyshannon on Tuesday last surpassed many held in previous years both in enjoyment and in numbers present.

March 28th, 1942 edition
The first match of the Town League was played between the O'Donnnells and the McDermotts at Erne Park, Ballyshannon on Sunday both teams played excellent football and the match throughout was one of speed, determined, tackling and accurate passing.
O'Donnells 5-4 McDermotts 6-2
O'Donnells team: S. Kane, W. Boyce, J. Gallagher, T. Connolly, P. Sheerin, N. Doherty, J. McDermott, D. Doherty, P. McGovern
McDermotts team: B. Gallagher, D. Kane, M. Cassidy, J. Gallinagh, S. Cleary, L. Slevin, D. Lee, M. Murray, J. McGuinness, B. Lawn.

May 23rd, 1942 edition
Democrat Cup final
Ballyshannon team cycle 70 miles to win.
Before a large attendance of spectators at the Gaelic Park Glenties on Sunday Ballyshannon and Gweedore meet in the final of the 1941 Democrat Cup Football competition and the clashing of these famous rivals produced on of the keenest and best encounters seen since the competition was initiated over 15 years ago.
Ballyshannon 1-6 Gweedore 0-2.
Ballyshannon Team: H. McGuinness, J. McGarrigle, M. Melly, Sean Slevin, J. Daly, B. Gallagher, M. Slevin, S. Kane, J. Gallagher, M. Murray, J. McDermott, P. J. Goan.

September 5th, 1942 edition
County Championship semi-final
Ballyshannon again victorious
On Sunday last at Stranorlar, Letterkenny St. Eunan's and Ballyshannon Aodh Ruadh met in the semi-final of the county championship (Dr. Maguire Cup). There was a good attendance of spectators and the gate receipts were £20.
In the opening minutes of play Letterkenny were on the offensive and Keogh placed for Liam Curran to raise the white flag for the Cathedral Town. Immediately Ballyshannon were attacking from a free only to find McGlynn vigilant. Melly repulsed the Letterkenny forwards but they came again from the throw-in and McGovern and Clarke combined to test McGuinness the Ballyshannon custodian whom they did not find wanting. A free gave Aodh Ruadh nothing and Letterkenny forwards invaded vigorously for Blake to shoot an miss. McGovern now centred by Coli had hard luck with a well-directed drive. Ballyshannon sputed from a free and the movement provided John McDermott with a golden opportunity for the ball to sail over the cross-bar for Aodh Ruadh. A free for Letterkenny saw McGlynn shooting unsuccessfully. After a free had been awarded to Ballyshannon Goan shot a point for the Erne town.
Letterkenny had now several frees in succesion from one of which Curran, the Letterkenny marksman gave his town a minor. Letterkenny pressed without success and Ballyshannon did likewise, but McGlynn was very much on guivive. Bob Gallagher passed to McGettigan who shot wide of the mark. Immediately aafter M. Slevin shot a point. A determined Letterkenny attack proved fruitless as a result of the great work of the Ballyshannon backline
The Letterkenny goalie save a fast shot from Slevin who came again and up went the white flag. Thrilling combination of M. Slevin, S. Kane and Jack Gallagher saw the ball through the Letterkenny back line and John McDermott had a goal for Ballyshannon. the Erne town had now a lot of frees but none of them added to their score. Jack and Bob Gallagher eluded the Letterkenny three quarter line but a free for Letterkenny brought the ball to Ballyshannon territory. Dan Doherty however frustrated the invasion. A free taken by Curran resulted in a point for Letterkenny, from another frees. E. McCool shot a point for Letterkenny, Clarke was fouled for the resultant free.
Half time score: Ballyshannon 7 points, Letterkenny 6 points
After a few minutes play in the second half P. J. Goan, Jack Gallagher and John McDermott had the Letterkenny backs on the move. A free for Ballyshannon emanated which was taken by Slevin. S. Kane passed to P. J. Goan and M. Slevin freed the ball going wide. Another free for Ballyshannon was taken by Slevin and an unerring shot by J. McDermott resulted in a goal for Ballyshannon. Shortly afterwards M. Blake gave Letterkenny a major despite the best skill of McGuinness the Ballyshannon goalie who starred all through the game. Another free for Letterkenny was in no way helpful. The Letterkenny goalie backs effected a few clearances of attacks by the Ballyshannon forwards, but Kane broke through a most determined defence and M. Slevin getting possession shot a goal for Ballyshannon.
A free from Letterkenny was cleared by Melly who with Liam Slevin and John McGarrigle were an impenetrable defence, Curran despite his precision was unable convert another Letterkenny free. Both teams had a free in succession, none of which gave a score. Kane and Slevin were responsible for a fifty which added nothing to the score. Letterkenny now had two frees, one 30 yards distant from the Ballyshannon goal ad Curran scored a point in a free for Letterkenny, Dan Doherty baulked the pressure. A free from Ballyshannon was taken by M. Slevin who missed by a narrow margin. Letterkenny now had a free, but Melly was impossible to beat. Great play by Kane, Slevin and John McDermott ensued, McDermott being floored when about to shoot a poitn for Ballyshannon. Dan Doherty, McGettigan and O'Neill diverted a Letterkenny attack and P. J. Goan was fouled. S. Slevin took a free 50 yards distant from the Letterkenny goal, but McMorrow saved the well-directed shot. Melly shot a point for Ballyshannon from a free. Ballyshannon now pressed continuously and Sean Slevin registered a major. S. Slevin was fouled when about to shoot for the ensuing penalty. M. Slevin shot a point for the Erne town, Kane and M. Slevin pressed and M. Slevin struck the right Letterkenny goal post with the ball. He followed with another shotwhich the goalie saved but the ever alert Jack Gallagher beat the Letterkenny goalie with a major. A fifty for Ballyshannon ws taken by S. Slevin which however well-directed was stopped by the Letterkenny defence, but Jack Gallagher fisted over a point. For his side McGettigan spoiled a Letterkenny attack. curran tried for a free, but McGuinness fisted clea. Letterkenny forwards pressed but had hard luck in the ball going wide. Ballyshannon now invaded but John McDermott's shot was cleared by the Letterkenny goalie.
Ballyshannon 23 points, Letterkenny 10 points
Team not given.

September 19th, 1942 edition
Final Donegal County Championship
Dr. Maguire Cup comes to Ballyshannon
At Ardara on Sunday last Ballyshannon Aodh Ruadh defeated Glenties in the final of the county championship before a large attendance of spectators who evinced great interest in the game. Glenties entered the arena confident of victory knowing as they did that their team was capable of a performance much above the average while Ballyshannon were equally confident.
From the throw-in McGettigan was first on the ball but the Glenties backs diverted play to the Ballyshannon end and thus early in the game D. Boyle had the white flag floating for Glenties. The latter team and Ballyshannon now had frees in succession. Bob Gallagher sent on to Mick Slevin who centred with his usual precision for S. Kane to take up the play and pass to Jack Gallagher, who was unerring in his marksmanship for a point for Ath Seanaigh. Glenties now gave a display of polished football which marked the entire game and McDyre sent in a beauty only for M. Melly to return the ball to midfield and immediately afterwards Seamus Slevin spoiled another Glenties try. McGettigan passed to Jack Gallagher who was unlucky with his shot. A fifty for Ballyshannon gave no score, but from a free shortly afterwards M. Slevin gave the Erne town a point.
Another free taken by Seamus Slevin added nothing further to the score. Kane forced a fifty with a similar result. P. J. Goan now tested McNeilis the Glenties Custodian, who saved in skillful fashion only for Jack Gallagher to dash in and fist over a point for Ballyshannon. John McDermott was now floored when about to shoot. The Gletnies forwards were brilliant in combination but their tries went wide. Glenties persisted and Melly cleared twice. Jack Gallgher was no very active in midfield and Dan Doherty who was equally so was fouled.
The free however proved fruitless. Glenties now had a free only for M. Geehan to miss. John McGarrigle was fouled but the resultant free was of most advantage to Ballyshannon. K. Coulter shot a point for Glenties and immediately afterwards D. Boyle added another. After vigorous play by Ballyshannon men, Jack Gallagher centred to Seamus Kane who was responsible for an unsaveable goal. After a free for Glenties Melly was hurt and was forced to retire being replaced by James Daly. A free by Glenties saw McGeehan sending in a great shot, which was however scoreless. John McGarrigle cleared and later Byrne staged a great attack by Ballyshannon. A couple of frees for Ballyshannon ensued, one of them thirty yards distant from the Glenties goal, from which M. Slevin shot a point. A free for Glenties was taken by D. Brennan and Boyled tried but missed. A free for Ballyshannon was taken by Slevin and Goan in trying was blocked by Byrne in taking a fifty for Ballyshannon. Seamus Slevin missed by a narrow margin. The Glenties goalie saved a fst shot by Bob Gallagher. Paddy O'Neill stayed a determined rush by the Glenties forwards. Coulter tyried and missed. A free 20 yards distant from the Glenties goal gave M. Slevin and opening for a point for the Erne town. Paddy O'Neill was again prominent in staying a Glenties rush. A free for Glenties gave them nothing, P. Boyle shot wide and Liam Slevin cleared a determined attack on the Ballyshannon goal. A free by Glenties was taken by Boyle who shot wide. A few fast shots by the Glenties forwards saved by McGuinness, the Ballyshanno goalie in faithless style. At half time the score stood Ballyshannon 1-5, Glenties 0-3.
On the resumption Ballyshannon were first to force the pace. Ballyshannon and Glenties had frees in succession all of which were scorelesss.
Goan was grounded when about to shoot. Glenties pressed and John McDermott was wonderful in defence. Glenties had a scoreless free. C. McDyre was prominent now as he was from the outset in making the pace ofthe Glenties team, but try as he would, he was dogged by Goan and Bob Gallagher. A great shot by Jack Gallagher was cleared by Brennan. A Glenties free was neatly clearedby Dan Doherty. Bob Gallagher stopped another Glenties free. L. Slevin saved a fast shot, McDyre came on again, but Slevin proved too quick. A few frees for Ballyshannon had gone wide of the mark, but a final one taken by M. Slevin gave the Erne Town a point. The Ballyshannon forwardsnow forced their right onto Glenties goal line and Sean Slevin was as usual all out, but the Glenties backs were perfect. A free for Glenties was of no service and Ballshannon had two frees in succession with like result. Later Jack Gallagher shot a point for the town and a second afterwards the player had the Glenties goalie trying to save. A free from 14 yards distant saw M. Slevin scoring a point. Three frees for Glenties went wide and a free for Ballyshannon added nothing to the score. From a free for Glenties C. Byrne scored a point. McGill followed with a goal from an opportunity provided by McDyre and afterwards Kane fisted a goal for Ath Seannaigh
P. O'Neill being fouled gave a free to Ballyshannon and Sean Slevin tried but was out of luck. The rest of the game was scoreless.
Final scores were Ballyshannon 2-8 Glenties 1-4.
Jack Gallagher, 3 points; Mick Slevin, 5 points; S. Kane, 2 goals.
Ballyshannon team: M. Slevin, M. Melly, P. J. Goan, James Daly, Seamus Slevin, Sean Slevin, Liam Slevin, Bob Gallagher, Jack Gallagher, Hugh McGuinness, John McGuinness, John McGarrigle, Paddy O'Neill, Sean McGettigan, Seamus Kane, John McDermott, Dan Doherty.
Referee: Mr. M. McMenamin