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The Donegal Democrat Archive - 1943

February 6th, 1943 edition
Aodh Ruadh Annual Whist Drive and Cheilidhe
The Annual Whist Drive under the auspices of the Aodh Ruadh GAA club held in the '98 Parochial Hall on Wednesday night was as other years, an outstanding success.
Rev. Bro. Canice Chairman of the Club who acted as M. C. returned thanks to those who had supported the function despite the inclement weather.
During the drive the medals were presented by Mr Hugh Daly divisional secretary to the members of the team which won the County Championship. The recipients were M. Slevin, M. Melly, P. J. Goan, James Daly, Seamus Slevin, Sean Slevin, Liam Slevin, Bob Gallagher, Jack Gallagher, Hugh McGuinness, John McGuinness, John McGarrigle, Paddy O'Neill, Sean McGettigan, Seamus Kane John McDermott, Dan Doherty.
A Ceilidhe which ws held afterwards was wel attended. Mr P. O'Niell was Fear a Tighe and the music was supplied by misses K Campball (piano) M. R. Gallagher and L. Slevin (violins).
Step dancing exhibitions were given by Miss S. Reilly and songs were contributed by Mr J. Mullin.

February 13th, 1943 edition
A meeting of the South Donegal Divisional Board GAA was held in the '98 Parochial Hall Ballyshannon on Sunday, Mr John McDermott presiding.
Delegates were in attendance from Belleek, Ballyshannon, donegal and Tanatallon. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and on the proposition of Jack Cassidy, seconded by Dan Sheerin were adopted.
Bundoran, Finner Camp, Belleek, Ballyshannon, Donegal, Tanatallon Clubs signified their intention of entering the junior championship which it was decided to run on the same lines as last year.

20 February, 1943 edition
Ballyshannon v Army
Ballyshannon 2-3, Army 2-2.
Ballyshannon team: H. McGuinness, L. Slevin, M. Melly, J. McDermott, S. Slevin, D. Doherty, P. O'Neill, Bob Gallagher, Sean McGettigan, P. J. Goan, Mick Slevin, Jack Gallagher, Patk Stephens, S. Kane, Jim Flynn

May 15th, 1943 edition
At Erne Park on Sunday last the old rivals Ballyshannon and Bundoran juniors met in the third round of the junior championship competition. A sodden field and very adverse weather conditions left fast play impossible, but on the whole the game was well contested. Bundoran were to a disadvantage, being minus a few of their regular players, while Ballyshannon were not at their usual full strength either.
Ballyshannon 0-6, Bundoran 0-2. Team not given.

July 24th, 1943 edition
On Friday night of last week a Ceilidhe over GAA auspices was held in the '98 Parochial Hall, Ballyshannon with that marked success peculiar to these functions. The music was supplied by the Misses K. Campbell, Mr Gallagher, L. Slevin, Mr K.McCloskey, Mr. Sean Slevin was and efficient Fear a Tighe.

August 7th, 1943 edition
[The only records of the senior county championship in the this year is the semi-final because many of the papers are missing. Aodh Ruadh went on to win the county championship against Convoy]
Ballyshannon victorious
Merited win over Ardara at Tanatallon
On Sunday last at Tanatallon with the laurels of many recent victories still fresh on their brows, Ballyshannon Aodh Ruadh crossed swords with Ardara in the semi-final of the senior football county championship (Dr. Maguire Cup)
Referee C. O'Shirin (Tanatallon)
Ardara Team: D. Boyle, H. Gildea, H. O'Donnell, W. Boyle, P. McGill, A. McHugh, J. Mooney, V. Rankin, P. Maloney, N. McHugh, V. McHugh, J. Boyle, Jim Boyle, P. Waters, P. Sweeney.
Ballyshannon Team: H. McGuinness, L. Slevin, M. Melly, J. McDermott, S. Slevin, D. Doherty, P. O'Neill, Bob Gallagher, Sean McGettigan, P. J. Goan, Mick Slevin, Jack Gallagher, Patk Stephens, S. Kane, Jim Flynn.
Playing with a stiff breeze in their favour Ardara had a flying start and L. Slevin and D. Doherty, were somewhat unlucky in saving the Ballyshannon goals during this opening raid. Shortly afterwards Ardara came again but owing to erratic shooting, Waters and McHugh were wide.
Ardara still forced the pace and a '50' resulted but to no avail a few minutes later a free taken by Mooney went well into Ballyshannon territory and McHugh cutting in from the wing flashed into the net the first goal again attacked and from the kickout Rankin gained possession and passed to J. Boyle who further increased their score with a minor. A few minutes later from afast shot from V. McHugh, McDermot punched clear.
N. McHugh was in waiting however and quickly gathering from the rebound sent in a terrific drive which brought McGuinness all the way for a goal. At this stage Ballyshannon got a grip on the game and settled down to play. P. J. Goan getting possession from O'Donnell's kick out and in a neat hangpassing movement per the latter, Jack Gallagher and Mick Slevin succeeded in bringing th ball into Ardara territory where Jack Gallagher gave to Flynn the latter evading a stiff backline, placed Kane for a neat goal. Again the game swung to the Ballyshannon goals and a movement opened up by McGill was finished off by J. Boyle scoring a point. From the kickout Bob Gallagher put the Erne lads again in attack, P. J. Goan placing for Mick Slevinn, but the latter was wide with his shot at this stage of the game. V. Boyle of Ardara went off and was replaced by W. Boyle.
Ballyshanno now had control of the game for a period and once more the leather reached the Ardara citadel where Patk Stephens gathering from Flynn's pass got through to send over the bar. Ardara retaliated and Maloney at centrefield gave V. McHugh the opportunity for another minor. From far out Goan was wide at the opposite goals for a score a few minutes later. Ballyshannon still maintained pressure and after Ardara had conceded a '50' which was fisted clear by Gildea. Jack Gallagher deashed in for Flynn's pass and rattled to the net with a fierce drive to pull down the lead to a point. From a free by McGill the Ardara forwards got going again, Boyle, Waters and Sweeney bringing up field but wer unagle to penetrate a stone wall defence where S. Slevin, Melly and O'Neill were prominent. Shortly after another raid on the Ardara goals saw Jack Gallagher testing Boyle with a hard shot which the latter saved.
Before the end of this moiety P. J. Goan levelled matters with a minor from a sideline throw near the Ardara goals.
Half-time score Ballyshannon 2-3, Ardara 2-3
On resumption Ballyshannon aided by a slight breeze went quickly into the attack and Jack Gallagher outmaneouvering a stern backline was fouled. From the resulting free by Melly, P. Stephens was on the quivive , and gathering drove in a lightening shot for a major to put Ballyshannon in the lead for the first time. From a period now Ardara were on the offensive and brilliant play by Bob Gallagher and McGettigan at centrefield saw the latter sending in a lovely centre, which was diverted over the sideline by Gildea.
From the throw in Kane fisted over the bar. A swift rush by Boyle and V McHugh was stopped by O'Neill who saved the situation helped by McDermott. In a lively bout of football near the Ballyshannon goals in which the latter got the better of the exchangegs, Dan Doherty got the Erne men going once more but the forwards were wide of their mark from more than one scoring position. owing to injuries V. Ranking and P. Maloney were forced to retire, their positions being filled by P. Boyle and P. Moore
At the stage of the game the pace slackened and Ballyshannon had the best of the exchanges in nearly all quarters.. In a handpassing bout of exchanges Jack Gallagher, P. J. Goan and Co. Goan had a further minor. For a spate play now centred around the midfieldarea, Bob Gallagher sending the ball Jack who after a grand solo run whizzed in and gave to Flynn who made no mistake in 'ramming' home a good goal. Immediately after Goan had a similar score in a goalmouth melee. Ardara now lost a valuable asset int eh person of H O'Donnell who, owing to an unfortunate accident, had to retire injured. Leo Moore came on.
From this period until the final whistle Ardara fough a losing battle. Their back crumbling up before a dazzling three quarter and full forward lin and right o the end Aodh Ruadh held the whip hand. D. Doherty and S. Slevin were responsible for a few grand openings but the forwards wre inclined to overdo the handpassing and fumble the ball. Nearing the end of the game P. J. Goan clinched the issue for Ballyshannon after gathering from a sideline throw in in a last determined bid to pull down Ballyshannon's lead Ardara spurred into Ballyshannon's grounds but were out of luck in the closing minutes. Kane had the last point of the game for Ballyshannon.
Final scores were: Ballyshannon 6-6, Ardara 2-3.

September 25th, 1943 edition
17th Battalion defeat Aodh Ruadh
In Ballyshannon Aodh Ruadh have no cause for complaint regarding the outcome of the game on Sunday last on the part of their opponents as few as well conducted teams have taken their places in Erne park, than the combination which represented 17th Battalion.
Army 5-5, Ballyshannon 3-8
Ballyshannon Team: S. Cleary, M. Melly, L. Slevin, P. O'Neill, S. Kane, Sean McGettigan, Bob Gallagher, P. J. Goan, Jack Gallagher, Mick Slevin, H. McGuinness, P. Stephens, Jim Gallagher.

October 30th, 1943 edition
The Ceilidhe under the auspices of the GAA (Aodh Ruadh Club) on Sunday night last Sunday in the '98 Parochial Hall attracted a full house. The music was played by the St. Patrick's Ceilidhe Band.

December 4th, 1943 edition
Aodh Ruadh Annual General Meeting.
The Aodh Ruadh Club Ballyshannon held their Annual General Meeting in the '98 Parochial Hall on Tuesday night. Rev A. Mullin C. C. President presiding.
Election of Officers
Father Little presided during the election of officers which resulted as follows: President, Rev. Fr. Mullen [The rest has been cut from the paper]
At Erne Park Ballyshannon, on Sunday last the third meeting of the Army and Ballyshannon teams took place. This match has been the topic eager expectations for some time past and it was freely said 'The Army' will win this time and that they had left nothign to chance in their preparations for the big battle.
Ballyshannon team: Hugh McGuinness, P. O'Neill, M. Melly, L. Slevin, John McGarrigle, D. Doherty, Jim Gallagher, Seamus Slevin, Bob Gallagher, M. Slevin, P. J. Goan, Jack Gallagher, S. Kane, J. McDermott, M. Murray.