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The Donegal Democrat Archive - 1945

January 20th, 1945 edition
Good weather, a good sod and a good game played before a moderate attendance of spectators marked the opening match in the Senior Town League on Sunday last at Erne Park.
Jack Gallagher's on the run of play deserved their win. Their long kicking and more direct attacking methods amply their efforts. Holding a slender lead up to the last quarter they overcame a stubborn series of attacks by Sarsfields in the last quarter and in the final stages emerged decisive winners.
Tne second game in the senior Town 1eague takes place on Sunday next at Erne Park when O'Donnells and Erin's hope are the contestants
O'Donnells Team: M. Slevin, Sean Gallagher, S. Slevin, B. Mc Shane, S. Kane, Pte Boyce, C. Goan, Bro Dermott, Cpl Healy, Pte Doran, P. McLoone, P. Darcy, T. Cleary, Jim Gallagher, M. McMahon, R. Cuffe.
Erne's Hope: Pte C. Casey, L. Slevin, E. Melly, A. 0'Gorman, Cpl. Farrell, Pte Cannon, S. Cleary, Pte McGloin, John McGuinness, Sgt McCafferty, P.J. Doherty, Pte McCabe, P. McCormack, M. Gavigan, Cpl O'Shea, J. J. Burns, J. Hoey.

March 17th, 1945 edition
Ballyshannon 3-8
17th Battalion 3-5
A rousing second half rally by Ballyshannon which ended in their ultimate victory over the 17th Battalion was the hightlight of the game on Sunday last at Erne Park.
Ballyshannon Scorers were Mick Slevin (1-3), Jack Gallagher (0-2), H. McGuinness (0-1), Johnny McGuinness (0-2), Bob Gallagher (1-0), P. J. Goan (1-0).

April 21st, 1945 edition
Junior championship
Bundoran 1-3
Ballyshannon 1-2
Bundoran and Ballyshanno also meet in their first round tie of the junior Divisional Championship Bundoran winning by a narrow margin of one point.
Ballyshannon Team: J. J. Sheerin, W. Kelly, P. O'Neill, T. McLoone, P. J. Doherty, M. Doherty, J. Gallagher, B. Cuffe, J. Loughlin, M. Gavigan, J. McGuinness, Bro Dermott, J. J. Murray, R. Bromley, T. Gallagher.

May 19th, 1945 edition
Ballyshannon qualify for county semi-final playing against a strong breeze and heavy hail showers. Ballyshannon, due to the great place kicking of Melly, their full-back plus the brilliant combination in defence of the half backs and mid-field men, held Donegal to a half-time four points lead and went on to win in the second half by a narrow margin in the County Donegal senior Divisional championship at Donegal Town on Sunday last.
Ballyshannon 1-4
Donegal 0-6
Ballyshannon Team: H. McGuinness, T. Gallagher, M. Melly, J. Cassidy, J. McGarrigle, D. Doherty, S. Slevin, B. Gallagher, Jack Gallagher, M. Slevin, P. J. Goan, Alo Gorman, M. Doherty, J. McGuinness, Jim Gallagher.

June 2nd, 1945 edition
Belleek too good for young Ballyshannon selection.
At the Erne Park, Ballyshannon on Sunday the local juniors after a brilliant and promising start fell to a heavier and more experienced Corlea selection in the second round of "B" section of the junior Divisional Championship
Ballyshannon 1-2
Belleek 4-4
Ballyshannon Team: J. J. Sheerin, J. Crawford, P. McLoone, T. Gallagher, J. Gallagher, P. O'Neill, W. Kelly, P. Mooney, S. Gavigan, J. Gavigan, P. J. Doherty, B. Cuffe, J. J. Murray, R. Bromley, J. Loughlin, S. Cleary.

July 14th, 1945 edition
Donegal Senior Football Championship
Ballyshannon qualify for final
Before a fair attendance at Glenties on Sunday last Ballyshannon defeated a strong Ardara selection in the semi-final of the Donegal senior football championship.
Ballyshannon 2-4, Ardara 0-0 at half time
Ballyshannon 2-5, Ardara 1-2 at full time
Ballyshannon Team: H. McGuinness, M. Melly, J. McGarrigle, S. Slevin, J. Cassidy, D. Doherty, J. Flynn, R. Gallagher, Alo Gorman, M. Slevin, P. J. Goan, Jack Gallagher, P. Stephens, T. McDermott, Jim Gallagher.

July 21st, 1945 edition
Minor Championship
Ballyshannon qualify for divisional semi-final
By defeating a strong Belleek selection at the Gaelic Park, Corlea on Sunday by the closest of margins, one point, Ballyshannon qualified for the final of the "A" section of the Divisional Minor Championship.
Ballyshannon 0-8
Belleek 1-4
Ballyshannon Team: C. C. Maguire, C. McGettigan, P. McGettigan, D. O'Donnell, J. J. Murphy, T. Gallagher, J. Gallagher, T. McDermott, P. J. Doherty, P. McTeague, B. Cuffe, J. Loughlin, T. Carr.

July 28th, 1945 edition
Ballyshannon minors qualify for county semi final
A small attendance of spectators were present at Saint Eunan's park, Ballintra on Sunday to witness the clash between Ballyshannon and Tanatallon in the minor divisional final. Ballyshannon 2-7
Tanatallon 0-5
Ballyshannon team: C. C. Maguire, P. McTeague, T. Gallagher, D. McGettigan, J. Ward, J. Loughlin, J. J. Murray, P. McGettigan, T. Carr, T. Gormley, B. Cuffe, J. Gallagher, P. Loughlin, P. J. Doherty, T. McDermott.

September 1st, 1945 edition
Donegal senior football final
Gweedore force draw in last minute
A record attendance was present at the O'Donnell Park Letterkenny on Sunday to witness what proved to be one of the best and closest contested senior finals for a number of years.
Ballyshannon 1-3
Gweedore 1-3
Ballyshannon team: H. McGuinness, M. Melly, S. Slevin, J. Cassidy, D. Doherty, J. Flynn, P. Mitchell, R. Gallagher, M. Slevin, P. J. Goan, Jack Gallagher, Alo Gorman, S. Kane, Jim Gallagher.

September 8th, 1945 edition
Ballyshannon win dull game at Erne Park
The improved Sunday travelling facilities were amply reflected in the attendance at the Erne Park on Sunday when Donegal and Ballyshannon met in the Annual Derby for Democrat Cup honours
Ballyshannon 1-3
Donegal 0-4
[Team not given]

Gweedore qualify for final
Before a moderate attendance at Saint Connell's Park, Glenties on Sunday last, Ballyshannon went under to Gweedore by the margin of ten points in the semi-final of the county Donegal minor football championship thus qualifying to meet Glenties in the final
Ballyshannon: Team: C. C. Maguire, P. McTeague, D. McGettigan, Tom Gallagher, Jim Gallagher, J. Ward, T. Carr, B. Cuffe, P. McGettigan, D. O'Donnell, T. Gormley, J. J. Murray, P. J. Doherty, T. McDermott.

September 15th, 1945 edition
Before a record attendance at O'Donnell Park, Letterkenny on Sunday last, Gweedore romped home easy winners in the replay of the Doengal county senior football championship final.
Gweedore 4-5
Ballyshannon 1-6
[Team not listed]

December 22nd, 1945 edition
Aodh Ruadh Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the Aodh Ruadh football and hurling club was held in the Market House, Ballyshannon on Sunday. Rev. Br. Rupert outgoing chairman presiding.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the secretary Sena Slevin and on the proposition of Seamus Cleary, seconded by Paddy O'Neill, were adopted.
Treasurers report: John McDermott showed a loss of £35 16s 7d on the years working.

Ceildthe £39 0s 8d
Gates £39 4s
Whist Drives £53 7s 1d
Grant and rent £9 10s
Medals and Boots £8 2s
Grant and expenses from county board £69 14s.
Concert and membership fee £29 12s 14d
Balance 1944 £99 1s 8d
Total £347 12s 2d

Ceildthe £26 2s.
Whist Drive £22 9s 6d
Printing and football £7 11s
Rent of field £22 10s
Cost of medals £6 14s
Cost of boots £9 1s 6d
Sundries £15 15s 9d
Concert £23 16s, 8d
Balance 1945 £63 5s 1d
Total £347 12s 2d
Loss on years working £35 16s 7d.

Election of officers
President: Rev. F. McElory.
Vice Presidents: J. J. Gallagher, Rev. P. Harken, Rev. M. Connolly
Chairman: Rev. Bro. Rupert
Vice Chairman: Michael Melly
Joint Secretaries: Sean Slevin, Patsy Croal
Treasurer: John McDermott
Assistant Treasurer: Michael Slevin
Committee: J. Kerrigan, H. Gallagher, P. J. Croal, P. O'Neill, John Daly
Senior Captain: Jack Gallagher
Vice Captain: Michael Melly
Junior Captain: Paddy McLoone
Vice Captain: Richard Bromley