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The Donegal Democrat Archive - 1946

January 19th, 1946 edition
On Tuesday evening last the '98 Parochial Hall Ballyshannon, opened with a scene of a very pleasant function when the local Aodh Ruadh Club and supporters to the number of about forty assembled to make a presentation to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Melly on the occasion of their marriage.
The presentation was preceded by sumptuous supper of which Mr. and Mrs Melly were the guest of honour.
Rev. Bro. Rupert De La Salle chairman of the club said that they had assembled there for the purpose that they all knew. They all know Michael Melly better than he did and he would ask Fr. Gallagher to say a few words.

February 23rd, 1946 edition
Ballyshannon Town League
"Sean McDermotts" and "Slashers" league teams meet in the second match of the leage on Sunday last at Erne Park when the former team won by a wide margin. Owing to the prevalence of Flu in the district some of the players who were listed to do duty were unable to turn out with the result that both teams particularly Slashers wre below full strength.
While the game itself was a very uninteresting affair it helped to keep some of the seniors engaged in form for their matches with the South Division and Gweedore in the Democrat Cup Final. Scorees for the winners were Jack Gallagher (2-1), Dan Doherty (1-1), P. Burns (1-0).
Owing to some of the players not turning out the friendly game billed for last Sunday developed into a 'picked team' game with Corlea and Ballyshannon.

March 9th, 1946 edition
Ballyshannon win at Erne Park
A fair attendance of spectators who assembled at the Erne Park Ballyshannon on Sunday to see Ballyshannon and South Donegal meet in a game in aid of the Comhaltas Uladh Scholarship Scheme were fully recompensed for their attendance and the Scholarship fund also gained materially from the fixture.
Ballyshannon Team: P. Rooney, Dan Doherty, Jack Gallagher, J. McGranaghan, Jim Gallagher, Bob Gallagher, Mick Slevin, M. Melly, P. J. Goan, Jack Cassidy, L. Slevin, T. Rooney, S. Slevin.

March 16th, 1946 edition
Before an attendance estimated at 2,000 at the Gaelic Grounds, Ballybofey on Sunday Ballyshannon answered the question which has been the burning topic in Gaelic circles in the county ever since their defeat by Gweedore in the senior football final.
Ballyshannon 1-7
Gweedore 0-1
Ballyshannon Team: H. McGuinness, J. Cassidy, M. Melly, S. Slevin, S. McGettigan, P. Doherty, S. Kane, R. Gallagher, P. Michell, M. Slevin, Jack Gallagher, J. McGranaghan, L. Slevin, P. J. Goan , Jim Gallagher.

April 6th, 1946 edition
Almost 40 tables were occupied at the whist drive in the '98 Hall Ballyshannon on Wednesday night over the auspices of the Aodh Ruadh Hurling and Football Club.
A raffle for a bottle of Port, presented by Joseph Donagher was won by Mr. John Daly, Bundoran, Rev. Fr. Little St. Joseph's orphanage Bundoran was the winner of a Book of Tickets for the GAA draw.

April 13th, 1946 edition
Honours divided at Erne Park
Ballyshannon and Corlea divided honours in their double championship fixtures on Sunday, the local juveniles defeating a somewhat weaker Corlea, selection by a convincing margin while Corlea juniors had and equally convincing win over the Aodh Ruadh juniors
Corlea 7-3
Ballyshannon 0-1
Ballyshannon Team: Kane, Spratt, Maguire, Trainor, McKeown, Dolan, Liddy, Loughlin, Kerrigan, McCoole, McDermott, Murphy, Rooney, Curran, McCaffrey.

Playing with the wind advantage Corlea were first to attack, Tommy Gallagher driving into the Ballyshannon area.
Corlea 3-4
Ballyshannon 0-2
Ballyshannon Team: S. Cleary, P. J. Doherty, W. Boyce, Jim Gallagher, F. Gallinagh, M. Doherty, J. Loughlin, J. McGuinness, P. McSweeney, J. Burns, C. Goan, P. Hegarty, T. Byrne, R. O'Gorman, P. Lynch.

May 18th, 1946 edition
Dr McKenna Cup competition
Drawn game at Ballybofey
A big crowd included a large contingent of Tyrone supporters saw a young nippy Tyrone side come within an ace of creating a surprise of beating the fancied Donegal in the opening round of the Dr. McKenna Cup at the New Park on Sunday last.
Donegal 1-5
Tyrone 1-5
C. Campbell, P. Rooney, M. Melly, M. Gullen, J. Brennan, S. Kearney, D. Brennan, P. Prendergast, Re. Gallgher, F. Mooney, E. O'Donnell, J. Gallagher, M. Slevin, P. J. Goan, H. Gallagher were some of the Donegal team.

June 29th edition, 1946 edition
Donegal merited win over Monaghan Goan a shooting star
Donegal 4-5
Monaghan 1-9
While Donegal scored one of their most merited senior football wins on record against Monaghan at Clones in Tyrone fared badly against Cavan at Omagh going over to the tune of 8-13 to 3-2 Donegal's victory provides some compensation for the failure of the junior team in the provincial football final
Donegal Team: C. Campbell, J. Murphy, P. Rooney, M. Gallen, J. Begley, D. Brennan, P. Prendergast, F. White, E. O'Donnell, J. Gallagher, B. Gallagher, O. Carney, P. J. Goan, V. Boyle, M. Slevin.
Carney retired injured in the second half and was replace by J. Kelly.

July 6th, 1946 edition
Ulster Minor Football Championship
So close was the scoring at Ballybofey on Sunday when Derry met Donegal in the second round of the Ulster minor footbal championship that the final whistle found the spectators in a state of uncertainty as to the result.
Donegal 3-2
Derry 2-5
Ballyshannon players on the team: D. McGettigan, J. Gallagher.

July 13th, 1946 edition
Cavan 4-4
Donegal 3-6
Canute-like Donegal sought to stem the tide of Cavan's superiority in the football semi-final, but after 5 minutes they were fighting a losing battle.
Donegal Team: C. Campbell, H. Boyle, P. Prendergast, H. Cullen, A. Murphy, F. Mooney, S. Gallagher, E. O'Donnell, F. Waite, P. Rooney, R. Gallagher, J. Gallagher, M. Slevin, P. J. Goan, C. Halpin.

July 27th, 1946 edition
The elements were too strong and too unkind at the Gaelic Park, Bundoran on Saturday for the teams to serve up first rate football and as a consequence the meeting of Ballyshannon and Donegal in their first round senior championship tie proved to be a rugged rather than a brilliant contest for the first two points in the competition.
Ballyshannon 2-6
Donegal 1-3
J. Granagahan, M. Melly, S. Slevin, Dan Doherty, J. Cassidy, Jim Flynn, Jim Gallagher, P. J. Goan, Jack Gallagher, M. Slevin, C. Brady were some of the Ballyshannon players.
[Full team not listed.]

August 10th, 1946 edition
Donegal win challenge game at Bundoran
Conditions were most favourable at the Gaelic Park, Bundoran on Sunday last when Sligo and Donegal meet in a friendly encounter which the latter won after a hard fought game.
Donegal 4-7
Sligo 3-6
Donegal team: Campbell, Sweeney, H. Boyle, S. Donnelly, S. McGettigan, F. Mooney, P. McIntyre, E. O'Donnell, Bob Gallagher, Alo Thompson, Jack Gallgher, E. J. Gonigle, Mick Slevin, P. J. Goan, K. Gullen.

August 17th, 1946 edition
Hurling Championship
Erin's Hope win at Bundoran
Ballyshannon making their debut in the senior hurling championship at Bundoran on Sunday did not live up to expectations and were beaten by Erin's Hope in their Home game.
Ballyshannon team: Jim Gallagher, S. Cleary, W. Kelly, S. Kane, E. Fox, J. Grimes, Jack Gallagher, D. O'Donnell, J. O'Toole, H. Slevin, C. Collins, S. Moran, Jim Gallagher, Ryan, R. Gallager.

August 24th, 1946 edition
What was described by a big percent of the meagre attendance as one of the poorest exhibitions of football ever witnessed in a county semi-final was the verdict accorded to the game at Ballybofey on Sunday when a last minute point earned Letterkenny the right to meet Ballyshannon again in a replay. Ballyshannon 1-1
Saint Eunan's 0-4
Ballyshannon Team: S. Cleary, J. Cassidy, M. Melly, S. Slevin, S. McGettigan, D. Doherty, S. Kane, Bob Gallagher, S. Sweeney, M. Slevin, Jack Gallagher, J. McGranaghan, Jim Gallagher, Alo Gorman, J. Gavigan.

August 31st, 1946 edition
Donegal qualify for county semi-final
Before a meagre attendance at Saint Eunan's Park, Ballintra on Sunday Donegal Town beat Ballyshannon in the South Divisional minor football final in extra time after the teams had been level at full time.
Donegal 0-10
Ballyshannon 0-5
Ballyshannon Team: Jackie McDermott, Dan McGettigna, W. Hoey, P. McGettigan, John Loughlin, T. Gallagher, K. McCready, Jim Gallagher, S. Kane, P. J. Doherty, P. Loughlin, S. McGovern, M. Liddy were some of the Ballyshannnon players.

September 7th, 1946 edition
Letterkenny and Gweedore for county final
In the Donegal senior football championship semi-final replay at Ballybofey on Sunday last, Saint Eunan's defeated Ballyshannon by 0-8 to 1-3.
In the game at Ballybofey when Ballyshannon turned over with a deficit five points things looked rosy for Letterkenny who were superior in the first half but a grand last minute improvement by Ballyshannon which came to lead capped by a beautiful point of M. Melly were the only exciting ingredients which make good football.
Ballyshannon team: S. Cleary, M. Melly, J. Flynn, S. Slevin, E. Leahy, D. Doherty, S. Kane, S. Sweeney. R. Gallagher, J. Cassidy, S. McGettigan, Jack Gallagher, M. Slevin, Jim Gallagher, J. McGranaghan.

October 5th, 1946 edition
The committe of the Ballyshannon Aodh Ruadh Hurling and Football club wish to extend their sincere thanks to the members of the camogie club for handing over the handsome sum of £8 to the funds of the club.

October 19th, 1946 edition
The Annual General Meeting of the Ballyshannon branch of the Gaelic League was held in the Market House, Ballyshannon on Wednesday night, Rev, Fr. McClafferty C. C. presiding.
Election of Officers
President: Rev. Fr. McClafferty
Vice-President: Rev. Fr. Gallagher C. C.
Chairman Eamonn Leahy
Secretary: Michael J. McPhillips
Treasurer: Josephine Dolan
Committee: Bro. Donard, John McDermott, Michael Slevin, Garda McLaughlin, Gerry Keily, Thomas Foye, John Ward, Matty Kane, Miss Peggy Maguire, C. O'Kane, R. Grehan

The Annual General Meeting of the Ballyshannon Aodh Ruadh Hurlng and Football Club.
President: Rev. Fr. McElroy
Vice Presidents: Rev. Fr. McClafferty, Rev. Fr. Gallagher, Rev. Fr. Connolly.
Chairman: Mr P. O'Neill
Vice-chairman: John Daly
Joint-secretaries: Messrs Sean Slevin and Seamus Cleary
Treasurer: John McDermott
Assistant Treasurer: M. Slevin
Committee: J. Kerrigan, T. McDermott, J. Cassidy, E. Leahy, Jack Gallagher.