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The Donegal Democrat Archive - 1947

January, 1947 edition
Annual General Meeting of Ballyshannon Aodh Ruadh Club
The Annual General Meeting of the above Club was held in the Market House on Sunday of last week, Rev. F. Little Saint Joseph's Orphanage, Bundoran (in the absence of the chairman Rev. Bro. Rupert M.A.) presided.
Letters of apology for being unable to attend were received from Rev. M. Connolly, Rev. M. McElroy, Rev. J. J. Gallagher and Rev. M McClafferty.

Cash on hands at last meeting £63 5s 1d
Gate receipts £22 10s 11.5d
Whist Drive £57 11s 6.5d
Grant from County Board £20 0s 0d
Received from Camogie Club £8 0s 0d
Subscriptions £1 11s 0d
Raffle receipts £21 17s 10d
Ceilidthe £7 19s 6d
Bank Interest £3 2s 1d
Total £206 1s 0d

Affiliation and entrance fee £1 19s 0d
Printing £7 15s 6d
Transport £20 16s 6d
Car Hire to county £11 8s 6d
Raffle expenses £6 10s 0d
Ceilidthe expenses £5 0s 6d
Insurance of players £1 9s 0d
Goal posts £2 8s 0d
Rent of ESB field £2 18s 0d
Hurling balls and tubes £7 4s 6d
Sundries £6 8s 8d
Secretary and Treasurers expenses £14 6s 0d
Sub total £149 0s 8d
Bank balance £57 0s 4d
Total£206 1s 0d

Election of officers
President: Rev. M. McElroy
Vice Presidents: Rev. M. Connolly, Rev. M. McClafferty
Chairman: Mr. Patrick O'Neill
Vice Chairman: Mr J. Daly
Joint Treasurers: Mr J. McDermott, Mr. M. Slevin
Joint Secretaries: Mr. S. Slevin, Mr S. Cleary
Committee Members: Messrs J. Kerrigan, T. McDermott, J. Cassidy, E. Leahy, J. Gallagher
Senior Football Captain: D. Doherty
Senior Hurling Captain: E. Leahy

February 15th, 1947 edition
The 'Abbey' Ballyshannon luxury cinema has the honour of presenting yet another outstanding variety programme in aid of a local organisation. This time the Aodh Ruadh GAA club are the organisers of what should prove an outstanding night's entertainment.
Booking for the concert which is on Friday next 21st February can be done at Messrs McGettigan and McGowans Main Street Ballyshannon for Balcony seats, while stall tickets are available at Croal's newsagent, Main Street or O'Neill's newsagent, East Port.

May 24th, 1947 edition
Favoured with ideal weather conditions the meeting of Donegal and Ballyshannon in the senior football championship drew a record crowd of supporters to Tir Chonaill Park, Donegal Town on Sunday.
Ballyshannon 1-5, Donegal 1-5
Ballyshannon Team: S. Cleary, Jim Gallagher, M. Melly, S. Slevin, J. Cassidy, D. Doherty, Jim Gallagher, Jack Gallagher, Bob Gallagher, M. Slevin, P. J. Goan, E. Leahy, L. Slevin, S. Sweeney, T. Rooney.

June 7th, 1947 edition
Corlea v Ballyshannon
The inability of Ballyshannon to field a full team for their junior football championship fixture with Corlea at Garvin's Park, Belleek on Sunday led to the home team getting a walk over for the points. In a challenge game subsequently played Corlea defeated Ballyshannon by 1-10 to 1-0 as the score indicates the game was written one-sided and except for the occasional flashes present got little to enthuse over.
Mr. Jack Gallagher Ballyshannon was a capable and impartial referee.
Team not listed.

July 5th, 1947 edition
At a meeting of Ballyshannon GAA Club on 1st inst, votes of sympathy were passed with the Slevin and Kane families, Ballyshannon on their recent bereavements.

July 19th, 1947 edition
Donegal are Ulster Junior Hurling Champions
For the first time since 1932 Donegal junior hurlers won the Ulster Junior Championship defeating Armagh on Sunday at O'Donnell park, Letterkenny, by and elevin point margin in a fast exciting game.
Donegal team: J. Coyle, W. Dowds, T. Daly, M. Leahy, J. Doherty, J. Diver, J. McGlynn, H. P. Doherty, C. Doherty, J. N. Doherty, M. Cullen, A. McBrearty, D. McDaid

Ballyshannon reach county Donegal Handball championship final. At the Mall handball alley, Ballyshannon, on Wednesday evening of last week Ballyshannon beat Bundoran by 2 games to one in the first round of the Divisional final.

August 2nd, 1947 edition
Ballyshannon again Divisional Champions
And before the rush O Shanny's men.
The Four Masters team went down
The above lines summarise briefly if inadequately Ballyshannon's victory and and Donegal's defeat in the final of the senior divisional football championship played at Stonewold Park, Ballyshannon on Sunday.
Ballyshannon 2-4 Donegal 0-4
Ballyshannon Team: S. Cleary, J. Cassidy, M. Melly, S. Slevin, S. Kane, D. Doherty, J. Gallagher, T. O'Brien, B. Gallagher, O. Carney, Jack Gallagher, M. Slevin. S. Kane, P. J. Goan, Jim Gallagher.

August 2nd, 1947 edition
In connection with the draw sponsored by the Aodh Ruadh club the prize for which is a return trip to America in connection with the 1947, All Ireland Football Final sellers of tickets are reminded that all tickets, sold and unsold together with cash should be returned to Sean McDiarmuda or Micheal O Sleibin before 5th August.

August 16th, 1947 edition
Ballyshannon GAA clubs raffle (Prize - Trip to America in connection with the All-Ireland football final at the Polo Grounds, New York or value in cash) will be held at the Abbey Cinema, Ballyshannon on Sunday night next, 17th inst. Those holding counterfoils and unsold tickets are earnestly requested to send same, before Sunday to J. McDermott or M. Slevin, Ballyshannon joint Hon Treasurers. Members of the Aodh Ruadh Club will to-night give local people a further chance to get their name in the "Big Drum" as they are having tickets on sale. Procure your ticket now and perhaps you may see your friends in America in a month's time.

Ballyshannon fail to halt Gweedore's march to county final
Conditions were ideal for a really good game of football on Sunday when Gweedore , senior football champions of the county lined out to meet Ballyshannon's challenge to their right to retain the championship crown for another year. Yes conditions were ideal, but conditions alone do not constitute the necessary fundamentals for a good game.
Gweedore 3-3 Ballyshannon 0-2
Ballyshannon Team: S. Cleary, J. Cassidy, M. Melly, S. Slevin, S. Kane, D. Doherty, B. Gallagher, T. O'Brien, M. Slevin, Jack Gallagher, Jim Gallagher, E. Leahy, P. J. Goan, J. Rooney.

September 13th, 1947 edition
At Stonewold park Ballyshannon on Sunday last the home team had a comfortable victory over a weak Cashelard team by 17 points to 4 in the Democrat Cup Competition. While Ballyshannon's easy victory was fully merited from the start of the game in many reputations were enhanced with the exception of P. Loughlin who must be well in the running for his place on the team against Corlea.

September 20th, 1947 edition
Ballyshannon and Corlea gave one of the best displays witnessed for a long time when they met at Garvin's Park, Belleek on Sunday in the Southern Semi-final of the Democrat Cup competition. Ballyshannon well-deserved their win, but for the efforts of Red Jack Gallagher, who played a magnificent game at centre half back, the result might have been different. Corlea were impressive all through and up to the last ten minutes when their defence was spreadeaghed by strong pressure they held their own.
Ballyshannon 6-6 Corlea 3-4
Team not given.

October 25th, 1947 edition
Donegal maintain unbeaten record in Dr. Lagan Cup
Donegal 3-3 Tyrone 3-3
At Omagh Donegal succeeded in holding Tyrone to a draw and earning a point which left them winners of section 3 of the Dr. Lagan cup.
Ballyshannon players on the Donegal Team were: S. Slevin, J. Gallagher, O. Carney.

November 1st, 1947 edition
Rosses united fall to strong Ballyshannon Corlea selection
Favoured with cold by ideal weather for Football at Stonewold Gaelic Park, Ballyshannon on Sunday housed its biggest crowd of the year when over eight thousand Gaelic fans representatives covering all classes and professions in Ballyshannon and indeed many people from Donegal, Fermanagh and Leitrim came to see the Aodh Ruadh selection throw down the gauntlet to the mighty men of the Rosses in the first of a series of attractive games the committee of the Ballyshannon club have arranged for this venue.
Ballyshannon 6-10 Rosses United 3-4
Ballyshannon: S. Cleary, T. Gallagher, S. Kane, S. Slevin, S. Kane (jnr), B. Gallagher, J. Gallagher, P. Rooney, T. Gilvarry, M. Slevin, S. Sweeney, P. J. Goan, J. Cassidy, J. Gallagher, E. J. Gonigle.

November 8th, 1947 edition
Return game fixed for next Sunday at Ballyshannon
At the old Gaelic Park Glenties on Sunday last the Democrat cup semi-final game between Ballyshannon and Glenties came to an abrupt ending when approximately four minutes from full time the ball after being kicked into the flood swollen river nearby could not be retrieved and the referee Mr. J. Doyle (Letterkenny) had no option by to call off the game.
Final scores were Ballyshannon 1-2, Glenties 0-3
J. Cassidy, M. Melly, D. Doherty, C. Boyle, P. Boyle, were some of the plsyers
Full team not listed.

November 29th, 1947 edition
Donegal hold Antrim to 4 points in Lagan cup final
Although beaten, Donegal put up a surprisingly good performance in the Dr. Lagan Cup final at Lurgan on Sunday and gave the odds on favourites, Antrim, more than a few anxious moments before they ran out winners by a four point margin.
Antrim 2-4 Donegal 1-3
Ballyshannon players on the Donegal team were: S. Slevin, D. Doherty, Jack Gallagher, T. Gilvarry, O. Carney

December 13th, 1947 edition
Abrupt ending to thrilling final replay
Ballyshannon 2-6 Gweedore 3-2
From whatever angle it is looked at the replay of the Democrat cup final of 1947 will go down in the annals of Donegal Gaeldom as one of the greatest epics which was or may ever been witnessed on a playing pitch in the county.
Ballyshannon Team: S. Cleary, S. Kane, M. Melly, B. Gallagher, S. Kane (jnr), Jack Gallagher, J. Gallagher, O. Carney, T. Gilvarry, W. Slevin, D. Doherty, P. J. Goan, M. Slevin, C. Goan, A. O'Gorman.