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The Donegal Democrat Archive - 1948

Undated entry, 1948 edition
Annual General Meeting of Ballyshannon Club
Mr P. O'Neill (Chairman) presided at the Annual General Meeting of the Aodh Ruadh Club Ballyshannon which was held in the Market House on Sunday when there was an exceptionally large number of members present. The financial report submitted by the club treasurers Messrs John McDermott and Michael Slevin, showed a substantial balance to credit after a year of travelling. The report of the joint secretaries Messrs Sean Slevin, and Seamus Cleary, referred to a very satisfactory years working from every point of view.
The treasurers report which was read by Mr John McDermott who gave a detailed statement on income and expenditure during the year showing income at £384 5s 3d, leaving a credit balance of £52 19s 1d.
The Park Purchase fund (also submitted by Mr. McDermott) showed a balance in the bank of £134 18s.
Election of officers
President: Rev. Fr McElroy
Vice Presidents: Rev Fr. McClafferty, Rev Fr. Sharkey, Rev Fr. Little, Rev Fr. Connolly, Mr F O'Neill.
Chairman: Mr Patrick O'Neill
Joint Secretaries: Messrs Sean Slevin and Seamus Cleary
Joint Treasurers: Messrs John McDermott and Michael Slevin
Committee: J. Kerrigan, M. Melly, B. Gallagher, J. Cassidy, P. Buggy.
Senior Captain: Mr Jack Gallagher
Vice Captain: Mr Sean Slevin
Hurling Captain: Mr Eamonn Leahy
Vice Captain: Mr Michael Slevin
Park Purchase Committee: Rev. Fr. Little, Messrs J. McDermott, F. O'Neill, J. Daly, P. O'Neill

April 3rd, 1948 edition
A very enjoyable concert and dramatic entertainment in aid of the Ballyshannon new Gaelic Park Purchase fund was held in the Abbey cinema on Thursday night. The Bundoran players presented 'Love and Hand' in a four act comedy by Lynn Doyle and this talented group of actors and actresses lived up to the high reputation which they have made for themselves on the amateur stage.

April 17th, 1948 edition
With both siders field short of several prominent players Sunday's final of the 1947 Donegal inter-divisional football championship at Glenties proved a more interesting game than was anticipated under the circumstances.
South West: 3-7, South 1-4
Ballyshannon players on South: S. Cleary, T. Gallagher, S. Slevin, J. Gallagher, J. H. Gallagher, B. Gallagher, S. Kane, E. J. Gonigle, P. Gonigle, M. Slevin.

April 24th, 1948 edition
The meeting of the Cashelard and Ballyshannon in the first round of the junior football championship at Cashelard on Sunday provided football of good standard for junior ranks. The game was a ding dong affair right through. Judging by the pace shown on Sunday by the respective sides and the eveness of the exchanges there will be some very good games in the second round of the competition.
Ballyshannon: 2-5, Cashelard 0-7
Ballyshannon: S. Cleary, J. Loughlin, B Gallagher, S. Slevin, S. Kane, J. Gallagher, JH Gallagher, J. O'Brien, T. Gilvarry, M. Slevin, J. McHugh, P. J. Goan, P. McGettigan, J. Lynn, C. Goan.

May 29th, 1948 edition
Ballyshannon had the easy way at Stone-wold
There was little of the traditional spirit of rivalry which has been a characteristic of Ballyshannon Donegalgame in recent years evident at Stonewold Park, Ballyshannon on Sunday when the teams met in the first round of the senior championship campaign and the game was the tamest ever witnessed by these old and worthy rivals in any competition.
Ballyshannon Team: S. Cleary, J. Loughlin, M. Melly, S. Kane, S. Slevin, B. Gallagher, JH Gallagher, T. Gilvarry, Jack Gallagher, M. Slevin, P.J. Goan, C. Goan, P. McGettigan, T. Martin, J. Cassidy.

July 23rd, 1948 edition
Corlea beaten on tape
Ballyshannon 3-7, Corlea 3-6
Playing inspired football in the first half of the Donegal Senior football championship tie played at Broadmeadow Park Belleek on Sunday Corlea Young Emmetts reduced Ballyshannon's ten points half time lead to a single point and pressing hard when referee John McDermott terminated the game they looked set for, and were unlucky not to secure, the honours of the game.
Ballyshannon Team: S. Cleary, W. Boyce, M. Melly, S. Kane, T. Martin, B. Gallagher, S. Slevin, E. Leahy, J. Gallagher, M. Slevin, P.J. Goan, P. McHugh, J. Gavigan, A. O'Gorman, F Carmody.

August 20th, 1948 edition
Ardara were lucky to pass on
A point scored by Harry O'Donnell in the closing stages of the game gained the day for Ardara in their senior championship game with Ballyshannon at Tirconaill Park, Donegal on Sunday and earned for them the right to contest the counyt semi-final with Letterkenny.
Ardara 1-6, Ballyshannon 1-5
Ballyshannon team: S. Cleary, S. Kane, M. Melly, J. Cassidy, T. Martin, J. Gallagher, S. Slevin, O Carney, E. Leahy, M. Slevin, P. J. Goan, S. McHugh, J. Gavigan.

August 27th, 1948 edition
Ballyshannon in semi-final by protest, beaten by Letterkenny
When Ballyshannon took to the field against Saint Eunan's Letterkenny in the semi-final of the senior football championship at Glenties on Sunday many of the spectators required and explanation. The teams had been announced as Letterkenny and Ardara, Ardara having beaten Ballyshannon the previous Sunday in the quarter final.
Letterkenny 2-2, Ballyshannon 0-4
Ballyshannon team: S. Cleary, S. Kane, M. Melly, S. Slevin, T. Martin, Bob Gallagher, Jim Gallagher, O. Carney, E. Leahy, Jim Gallagher, Jack Gallagher, D. Doherty, J. McHugh, J. Carmody, P. J. Goan, J. Gavigan.

September 17th, 1948 edition
Ballyshannon 0-3, Letterkenny 1-0
With ground conditions far from ideal and the elements addinig to the discomfort of the players and spectators alike at Donegal town on Sunday last there was little to enthuse over.
Ballyshannon team: J. McDermott, W. Rennie, L. McGroarty, M. Liddy, L. Burke, F. Johnston, C. C. Maguire, K. McCready, M. Rooney, F. Maguire, P. Loughlin, M. Harvey, B. Stephens, S. McGovern, J. McCready.

October 29th, 1948 edition
Donegal struck pace better and won
Making the most of their opportunites during a hard, gruelling second half in which their training and fitness pulled them through at crucial moments, Donegal town laid the Ballyshannon on Sunday when they turned a one-point deficit into a two points lead eight minutes from full time to gain for them the Divisional honours in the Democrat cup competition.
Ballyshannon team: S. Kane, W. Boyce, F. O'Donnell, L. Slevin, J. Gallagher, Jim Gallagher, E. Leahy, B. Gallagher, M. Slevin, P. McHugh, D. McGettigan, P. Loughlin, S. Cleary, T. Martin.