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The Donegal Democrat Archive - 1949

January 21st, 1949 edition
Ballyshannon's new park will remedy many difficulties. In the course of an exhaustive report covering all phases of Association's activities in Ballyshannon during 1948. Messrs Seamus Cleary and Sean Slevin joint secretaries referred to the provision of a new playing pitch at the Annual General Meeting of the Aodh Ruadh Hurling and Football club last week said "The lack of a playing field of our own has been a very great problem ever since the club was founded, because whiel we always had one to play our matches on, the facilities for both players and spectators were lacking in the view of the fact that we did not own the field and consequently could not provide them."

April 1st, 1949 edition
Voluntary work started on the site of Ballyshannon's new Park on Wednesday. The committee make a special appeal to all interested who are in a position to do so to lend a helping hand at the work next week.

April 15th, 1949 edition
Donegal set the pace. Ballyshannon keep it up.
For eighteen minutes after the throw-in spectators at the Donegal v Ballyshannon senior football championship fixutre at Stonewold park, Ballyshannon on Sunday did not get time to breathe, so fast and exciting were the passage in a game that looked like developing into one of the great encounters witnessed in the Donegal championship's in recent years.
Ballyshannon 4-6, Donegal 1-6
Ballyshannon Team: S. Cleary, J. Mulrone, B. Gallagher, S. Slevin, S. Kane, K. Kelly, Jim H. Gallagher, Jimmy Gallagher, O. Carney, E. J. McGonigle, D. Doherty, P. McHugh, M. Slevin, P. J. Goan, Jack Gallagher.

April 29th, 1949 edition
Ballyshannon Supreme - South Donegal
At Tirchonaill Park, Donegal Town where the recent heavy rains plus a generous share of cold sleet showers in the moiety of the game had the effect of making part of the pitch look very like a mud rink, Ballyshannon qualified for the County semi-final on the scores 3-2 to 1-5.
Ballyshannon team: S. Cleary, J. Mulrone, D. Doherty, S. Slevin, S. Kane, K. Kelly, J. H. Gallagher, E. Carney, Jimmy Gallagher, S. Kane, E. J. McGonigle, P. McHugh, M. Slevin, P. J. Goan, J. Gallagher,

May 13th, 1949 edition
Ballyshannon won scrappy game
Ballyshannon owed it almost entirely to their defence that they won their second division championship game against Mountcharles at Stonewold park last Sunday.
Ballyshannon defence: McDermott in goals, Hand, Lafferty, Burke out field, Carr, Diver and McDevitt of the visiting side.
The score Ballyshannon 1-4, Mountcharles 0-5.

May 20th, 1949 edition
Donegal's Dr McKenna Cup eclipse
At the Armagh Athletic Grounds on Sunday last before a huge crowd of spectators Donegal minus Red Jack Gallagher (Ballyshannon) T. J. Casserty, Moville, and P. Brogan, Donegal Town, made a gallant however, unsuccessful effort to reach the McKenna cup final by a great display against an Armagh side which had heavily defeated Antrim the previous Sunday.
Donegal Team: C. Campbell, P. Watters, H. O'Donnell, B. Coyle, S. Kane, H. Boyle, Jim Gallagher, E. O'Donnell, J. Carroll, F. Brennan, D. Doherty, E. J. Gonigle, O. Carney, P. McHugh, C. Boyle.

May 27th, 1949 edition
Ballyshannon's close call at Pettigo
It was a ding dong struggle at Pettigo on Sunday where Ballyshannon had a narrow victory over Pettigo in the first round of the junior football championship leading at half time by 1-3 to 0-2 in the final scores being Ballyshannon 1-5, Pettigo 0-6.
Ballyshannon Team: J. McDermott, C. C. Maguire, L. Slevin, S. Flynn, M Sheerin, W. Boyce, L. Burke, P. Lafferty, M. Harvey, Seamus McGovern, C. Goan, C. Kelly, B. Stephens, P. Loughlin, G. Hand.

June 3rd edition, 1949 edition
Ballyshannon were lucky
A goal scored from 30 yards by John Boyle a former Corlea player in the last few seconds of the game gained the verdict for Ballyshannon juniors in their second round championship fixture with Tanatallon at Tanatallon Gaelic Park on Sunday.
Ballyshannon 1-3, Tanatallon 0-1.
P. Loughlin, C. Kelly, L. Burke and S. Flynn were prominent for Ballyshannon.

June 24th, 1949 edition
Ballyshannon flopped badly against Pettigo
Superior in a game which was marked by one-way traffid from after the opening exchanges, Pettigo had a merited win over Ballyshannon in their second round junior championship game at Stonewold park, Ballyshannon on Sunday.
Pettigo 3-10, Ballyshannon 0-1
Ballyshannon team: J. McCready, W. Boyce, L. Slevin, J. Gavigan, D McGettigan, S. Flynn, C. C. Maguire, L. Burke, L. Harvey, C. Goan, P. Loughlin, C. Kelly, Jackie McDermott, J. Boyle, G. Hand.

July 15th, 1949 edition
Before a moderate attendance at Gaelic park, Glenties on Sunday, Donegal Town defeated Glenties by 0-11 to 0-4 in the Saint Connell cup competition
Donegal: M. McIntyre, P. Gallagher, G. Dunnion, P. Brogan, P. J. Harnett, P. L. Brogan, S. McCafferty, P. J. Harvey, J. McGranaghan, S. McIntyre, J. Brown, J. Gallagher, J. Thomas, T. McGroarty, T. Martin.

July 29th, 1949 edition
Lack of training was Ballyshannon's downfall.
If I were looking for an alibi as to why Ballyshannon fell so heavily to Saint Eunan's in the county senior football semi-final at Ballybofey on Sunday I did not get it hard to find one, so complete was the defeat sustained by the Erne team.
Ballyshannon 0-4 Saint Eunan's 0-16
Ballyshannon team: S. Cleary, J. Mulrone, B. Gallagher, S. Kane, M. Slevin, D. Doherty, S. Slevin, J. H. Gallagher, J. Gallagher, J. Gavigan, E. J. Gonigle, Red Jack Gallagher, K. Kelly, P. J. Goan, P. McHugh.
In connection with the senior and minor football finals at Clones on Sunday a special bus has been chartered by the local GAA club for the games. Seats may be booked at Mr. P. O'Neill, East Port.

August 12th, 1949 edition
Minor championship opens on keen note.
Splendid game at Ballyshannon.
The first round of the South Donegal minor football championship opened on a keen note at the Gaelic park, Ballyshannon on Friday evening when the homesters scored a 1-4 to 0-4 victory over a promised Bundoran selection.
S. Kane, J. McDermott, B. Stephens, D. Sweeney, D. Kane, D. McCready, S. Drumm, J. McCready, P. Loughlin, J. Lappin, F. McCafferty, J. Nolan, J. Daly, P. Dorrian.
Half time score Ballyshannon 1-3, Bundoran 0-1

August 12th, 1949 edition
Photo-finish to Ballyshannon Gweedore game
A point scored in the last minute of the game by Jackie McDermott gaining the verdict for Ballyshannon against Gweedore in a challenge game played at Stonewold Park, Ballyshannon on Sunday
Ballyshannon 2-6, Gweedore 2-5
Ballyshannon team: S. Cleary, P. Loughlin, D. Doherty, T. O'Brien, J. Mulrone, K. Kelly, M. Cunniffe, Jas Gallagher, B. Gallagher, M. Slevin, E. J. Gonigle, Jim Gallagher, J. McCready, K. McCready, J. McDermott.

September 16th, 1949 edition
South Donegal Divisional final
A large crowd witnessed the game which was characterised by hard rugged football all through. Donegal's superior team work and speed proved too good for the Erneside representatives who never settled down to really constructive football.
Donegal 3-5, Ballyshannon 0-4
Ballyshannon team: J. McDermott, P. Loughlin, D. Doherty, T. O'Brien, J. Mulrone, K. Kelly, M. Cunniffe, Jas Gallagher, E. Carney, M. Slevin, E. J. Gonigle, P. McHugh. D. McGettigan, K. McCready, S. Cleary.

September 30th, 1949 edition
Ballyshannon - Bundoran pleas for park grant.
The secretary said that a meeting of the Ulster council would be held on 1st October which amongst other matters the allocation of grants to county grounds would be considered.
Mr Bob Gallagher said he thought Ballyshannon was next in line for a grant as so far they had not received a grant from the Ulster or Central Council and they had spent a lot of money in making the new park.
The Chairman said Ballyshannon had a park, but it had been acquired by the ESB who had given them a temporary playing pitch which would soon be flooded. Recently they bought a park in a rather rocky field which cost £1,050. They had paid for the park and thought it would be vested long ago, but there had been a certain amount of slowness.
"Anyone who looks at the state of the games in Ballyshannon will realise that they are at a low ebb and taht has been brought about because of the lack of a playing pitch," added the chairman.

October 28th, 1949 edition
Unfavourable weather did not dampen enthusiasm
Unfavourable weather conditions on Sunday did not deter the Gaels of Fermanagh and Donegal in deciding many important games, the concluding stages being reached in a number of competitions.
Leading by 2-3 to 1-0 at half time the homesters won comfortably on the full time score of 3-4 to 2-0 in a game that produced some grand flashes of football, but never reached great heights due to a slippy ball and the unfavourable weather conditions which militated against a classic display.
Donegal team: J. Gallagher, T. Gallagher, P. Furey, J. Harnett, T. Martin, J. Gallagher, P. J. Harvey, P. L. Brogan, J. McMullin, S. McIntyre, J. Kelly, J. Browne, J. Brogan, M. McIntyre, S. McCafferty.

November 4th, 1949 edition
Donegal qualify for 'Democrat Cup' final
On his first appearance with the new club Donegal town, to which he was transferred recently 'Red' Jack Gallagher, well-known Ballyshannon and inter-provincial footballer played a big part in the Four Masters team victory over Saint Eunan's in the semi-final of the Democrat Cup competition at Ballybofey on Sunday.
Donegal team: J. McGettigan, P. Furey, A. McBrearty, D. Harvey, T. Martin, J. Kelly, P. L. Brogan, P. Brogan, J. McMullin, J. Brown, S. McIntyre, J. Gallagher, J. Brogan, J. Dunnion, S. McCafferty.

November 18th, 1949 edition
Donegal retain 'Democrat Cup'
Playing with grit and determination Donegal retained the Democrat cup by defeating Gweedore by 1-2 to 0-2 in the final of the competition played at O'Donnell Park, Letterkenny.
Donegal team: James Gallagher, P. Furey, P. McBrearty, J. McGettigan, P. Brogan, Joe Kelly, T. Martin, J. Mullin, J. McIntyre, J. Gallagher, G. Brown, J. Brogan, G. Dunnion, J. McCafferty, P. J. Harvey.

December 9th, 1949 edition
It is gratifying to note that in future years South Donegal will have tow of the finest parks in Ulster. Bundoran and Ballyshannon. Ballyshannon the purchase of new grounds that it is hoped are ultimately to be transformed into a first class park has been completed at a cost of over £1,000. The public have subscribed generously to both projects and the thanks of the Association are due to everyone who helped by their subscriptions to consolidate the GAA in the area.