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The Donegal Democrat Archive - 1951

March 2nd, 1951 edition
Ballyshannon GAA Park, List of Subscribers
Mr John McGuinness, Ballyshannon: £1 1s
Mr John McEniff, Bundoran: £1
Mr Joe Morrow, Kildoney: 10s
Mr John Delaney, ESB: 5s
Mr Marie Brady, ESB: 5s

March 23rd, 1951 edition
Ballyshannon Gaels take stock
This will be an important year states chairman.
"I appeal to all members to do their best as I feel that this year will be a very important one for the association in Ballyshannon," stated Michael Melly, Chairman, when addressing members at the Annual General Meeting of the Aodh Ruadh Hurling and Football Club in the Market House, Ballyshannon.
While the attendance at the meeting was not as big as in former years the members faced the problems confronting them with an enthusiasm which proves that the GAA in the Town has reached a point when it will march forward to add another golden chapter to the annals of the Donegal Gaeldom.
Thousands of pounds have yet to be raised before the park will be a reality and it was to this that the chairman drew attention when he appealed for an all-out effort durng 1951 reminding those present that the committee did not get great interest last year.
The report of the club treasurer Mr. Seamus Cleary, revealed that there had been a loss of £6 8s 2d on the years working and balance of £4 13s 3d.
The report of the Park treasurers revealed that on December 31st 1950 capital assets totalled £1,770 10s and total debits £200 leaving the assets of the committee at £1,676 9s 2d.
Election of Officers
Club chairman: Mr. M. Melly
Vice chairman: Mr B. Gallagher
Joint treasurers: Messrs Gallagher and S. Cleary
Secretary: M. S. O'Donnell
Assistant Secretary: Mr S. Slevin
Committee: Messrs Jim Gallagher, P. Buggy, J. McDermott, P. O'Neill, M. Slevin, S. Kane, J. Kerrigan.

Park Chairman: Mr. Melly
Vice Chairman: Mr F. O'Neill
Joint Treasurers: Messrs J. McDermott, M. Slevin
Secretary: P. O'Neill
Committee: Messrs P. McIvor, M. Ferguson, T. Cleary, Steve Martin, T.C.H. McGovern, T.C.J. Daly, K. McCready plus members of the club committee.

Tributes to the work done for the GAA in Ballyshannon by the Kerrigan brothers, James Willis and Paddy were paid by Mr. John McDermott and endorsed by all present at the Annual General Meeting of the Ballyshannon Aodh Ruadh Hurling and Football club last week.
Associated with the movement from youth the brothers have set up what must be a unique family record in their attendance at Gaelic Games and in their fidelity to the principles of the association.

April 27th, 1951 edition
Donegal win needle game
It was a 'needle' game at Tir Chonaill Park, Donegal Town where the homesters scored a one goal victory over a Ballyshannon team that showed much improvement on last year's form.
Summing up it was a hard-fought close game rugged and exciting, but not devoid of the elementaries of good football furthe games would see a big improvement in both teams who should make it a hard battle for league honours.
Ballyshannon team: S. Cleary, L. McGroarty, B. Gallagher, B. Gallagher, S. Slevin, M. Slevin, Jim Gallagher, T. Martin, E. O'Connell, J. McDermott, Jack Gallagher, F. J. Gallagher, D. Moriarty, D. Tracey, K. McCready, P. McHugh.

May 4th, 1951 edition
Ballyshannon win schools game
Exciting as it did keen enthusiasm among the contestants the first game in the south Donegal Schools league at Stonewold park was a big success and justified the initiative of starting the competition.
Ballyshannon were too good for their Bundoran neighbers, but the avid manner in which both teams entered at fray auguis will for the future show the gaelic code in both towns.
In the first half the De La Salle School scored three goals and two points and in the second half two goals and two points making a total of 5-4 to nil. Ballyshannon's outstanding players were M. Cullen, C. Flynn and D. Dowdican.

May 11th, 1951 edition
Ballyshannon looked good.
At Stonewold Park where they had Erins Hope as visitors Ballyshannon looked of championship class when they turned on the steam against a promising, fast team.
Ballyshannon team: S. Cleary, W. Boyce, B. Gallagher, S. Slevin, T. Martin, E. O'Connell, D. Moriarty, M. Slevin, D. Treacy, E. J. Gonigle, T. Gallagher, S. Lappin, L. McGroarty, P. O'Donnell, J. Gallagher.

Ballyshannon the local team had a victory over Ballintra in a thrilling schools league game which aroused much interest.
Half time scores: Ballyshannon 1-0, Ballintra 0-1
Ballyshannon team: L. Heagarty, A. Maguire, C. Regan, E. O'Neill, J. O'Neill, T. Loughlin, S. McHugh, S. Gallagher, S. Ferguson, C. Flynn, P. McCready, D. Dowdican, M. Cullen.

May 18th, 1951 edition
Exciting game at Ballyshannon
A large enthusiastic crowd of spectators at Stonewold Park on Sunday were electrified into throes of excitement by one of the best exhibitions of football seen in Ballyshannon for a long time when Ballyshannon and Killybegs after a hard pulsating struggle finished even in their first round tie of the senior football league.
Ballyshannon 1-3, Killybegs 0-4
Ballyshannon team: S. Cleary, L. McGroarty, B. Gallagher, S. Slevin, W. Boyce, P. O'Donnell, J. Gallagher, E. J. Gonigle, G. Lappin, P. McHugh, E. Carney, T. Gallagher.

May 25th, 1951 edition
Donegal gave great display against All Ireland finalists
Louth 3-4, Donegal 2-5.
After a somewhat shaky start in their game against Louth for the Traders Cup at O'Donnell Park, Letterkenny on Sunday Donegal made a remarkable recovery after conceding two early goals took the lead early in the second half and may be considered unlucky not to have gained the honours in a game that was characterised by fast brilliant football that had spectators in tense excitement in the closing stages as the home county made strong, but unsuccessful efforts to snatch victory.
Donegal team: M. Mellett, J. Mullen, J. Boyle, B. Coyle, J. Carroll, J. Gallagher, P. McGeehan, M. J. Gallagher, P. Brogan, F. Brennan, D. Deery, A. Rodgers, C. McCauley, J. McDermott, S. McGettrick.

July 6th, 1951 edition
Ballyshannon Park
The secretary reported that everything was now in order in connection with the vesting of the Ballyshannon GAA Park in the Association and it was decided to pay the council's grant of £200 forthwith.

July 20th, 1951 edition
At the Sean MacCumhaill Memorial Park Ballybofey the local Erins Hope team put up a good show by holding the fancied Ballyshannon to a draw in the first round of the senior football championship.
Ballyshannon started off with a point per Mick Slevin in the first minutes play, after which Erin's Hope took up the running but Paddy Murphy was unlucky when a goal seemed a certainity. After further scoring failures by Hugo O'Neill, and Jack O'Hara Erin's Hope were at last successful when Paddy Murphy equalised, after seven minutes play. Immediately afterwards Kieran McCready again sent Ballyshannon into the lead with a point having got possession of a nice pass from Slevin with fifteen minutes gone. Ballyshannon were well away when McDevitt scored a nice goal with a crossing shot from the left wing, but Erins Hope spirit was kept up by a goal per Harry Laverty for which much credit went to Jim Boyle. Slevin blocked a scoring effort by Paddy Murphy for Erin's Hope at short range when a punch by Murphy would probably have been the means of getting a goal. Another goal came to Ballyshannon per McDevitt who got possession from Mick Slevin after a free to Ballyshannon in the last minute. Erin Hope went up another point per Jack O'Hara who sent in a strong kick which Slevin just managed to deflect over the Ballyshannon bar.
At half-time Ballyshannon had 2 points lead: 2-2 to 1-3.
On the resumption both Harry Lafferty and Hugo O'Neill sent wide for Erins Hope through no allowing for the cross wind, and before three minutes play had taken place, Ballyshannon were a point up per Jackie McDermott. John Tyrell and Jim Boyle were both wide for Erins Hope but Paddy Murphy made no mistake when 10 minutes of the 2nd half gone he got clean through beating Cleary in the visitors goals, who must have thought that a point was their aim. With the scores level the game became very brisk, and Erins Hope chances began to look rosy when they just got front with grand high point per Paddy Murphy. Their lead was short lived however for after E.J. Gonigle failed to get what looked like a certain goal for Ballyshannon, Mick Slevin levelled up the scores. Ballyshannon pressed furiously in the closing stages to regain the lead and Jim Gallagher and Mick Slevin both had a narrow misses, but the end came without their being able to annex full honours and the result was a draw 2-4 each.
Referee: Mr. P. McMenamin (Stranorlar).
Ballyshannon Team: S. Slevin, S. Kane, B. Gallagher, S. Cleary, L. Mc Groarty, J. Gallagher, T. Gallagher, T. Martin, J. McDermott, T. Gonigle, D. Mc Cready, T. Gallagher, K. McCready, L. McDevitt.
Erins Hope team: J. Mc Nulty, J. Mc Menamin, G. McDermott, G. Griffin, T. Casey, J. Gallagher, J. O'Hara, H. O'Neill, J. Boyle, J. Tyrell, H. Lafferty, P. Murphy, J. Duffy, H. McColgan.

Armagh 1-5, Donegal 0-3
A disallowed goal in the 20th minute of the first half when they seemed set on qualifying for the final had a detrimental effect on the morale of Donegal's minor footballers at the primarial city Sunday when they went down to Armagh by 1-5 to 0-3.
Donegal Team: P. Daly, G. Lappin, J. Gallagher, T. McGinley, D. Hegarty, S. Breslin, R. Bryson, L. Brogan, S. Drummond, E. Maguire, P. McLaughlin, E. McGinley, T. Breslin, M. O'Donnell.

Undated, 1951 edition
Glenties beaten in quarter-final.
Glenties 0-3 Ballyshannon 1-7.
Glenties with a wind advantage were a point up per D. Boyle inside 3 minutes after which Ballyshannon went into attack but after M. Slevin was fouled, Moriarity's free was cleared. After S. Cleary and B. Gallagher had cleared for Ballyshannon D. Sweeney registered Glenties second point. Playing well at midfield J. McDermott passed to Red Jack Gallagher who when fouled pointed the free. Moriarity and Red Jack were both off the mark with frees before Glenties forced two 50's taken by Sean McGettigan both of which were cleared by Jim Gallagher. A 50 for Ballyshannon by the same player was cleared by Glenties who regained their two points lead with a point per Doogan from a 14 yards free. At the opposite end E.J. Gonigle had hard luck when his parting shot rebounded from an upright. Before half-time Mick Slevin was wide when under pressure.
On the resumption play flagged for a period but Gonigle soon put Ballyshannon on the move when he scored a point. Subsequently Moriarity pointed a 21 yards free and shortly afterwards placed the Ernesiders in the lead with another point. At this stage Tom Gallagher of Ballyshannon who was injured was replaced by K. McCready. Lappin centred a lovely shot which Sweeney the Glenties keeper, just managed to turn past the post. For a 50 taken by Jim Gallagher and fielded by Mick Slevin who pointed Glenties were twice wide before Slevin got a second Ballyshannon point. In a strong finish, Ballyshannon had a point per Moriarity and a goal per Lappin who shot to the net after gaining possession in front of the goal.
Referee: Mr. J. Lawn (Donegal).
BallYShannon Team: S. Cleary, L. McGroarty, B. Gallagher, T. Gallagher, T. Martin, J. Gallagher, P. O'Donnell, E. O'Connell, J. McDermott, M. Slevin, J. Gallagher, D. Moriarity, G. Lappin, T. Gallagher, K. McCready.
Glenties: V. Sweeney, P. Bonar, D. Brennan, F. Brennan, G. McGettigan, J. Boyce, S. Finn, D. Sweeney, P. Boyle, D. Duggan, P. Dunleavy, P. Rodgers, J. McDyer, F. McLoone, P. Dunleavy.

August 17th, 1951 edition
Ballyshannon through to Donegal Senior football championship.
The game was only one minute in progress when Gonigle fielded a Jim Gallagher free soloed through and pointed. From McCarthy's kick out Carn came into the picture for Doherty to equalise from a 21 yard free in the second minute. Then Ballyshannon showed their paces in a lovely movement in which the ball went from O'Connell to M. Slevin to Lappin to Moriarity who shot over the bar. Play veered to the other end again where a free by Doherty hit the upright and was shot wide by the same player from the rebound. Ballyshannon showed sparkling form as the ball was switched from O'Connell to M. Slevin to Gonigle who soloed for 20 yards dummied side-stepped a defender and crashed an unsaveable shot to the back of the net from 30 yards out. The Ernesiders maintained the pressure with bursts of fast incisive play and when the ball went from Slevin to Moriarity to M. Slevin the latters hard low drive was blocked for a "50" which proved abortive.
Carn fought back for a period but 50s by Cunningham and Doherty were unproductive in the 16th minute Ballyshannon gave a grand exhibition of combined play, the ball going from Moriarity to Lappin to T. Gallagher to McCready to M. Slevin back to Gallagher and McCready and on to Gonigle whose dangerous punch was finished wide by another forward. The Ernesiders were not to be denied however as in the 20th minute, Jim Gallagher sent M. Slevin and Gonigle on a movement which was pointed by Mick to leave the score 1-3 to 0-1 in favour of Ballyshannon.
Referee: P. McMenamin (Ballybofey).
Ballyshannon team: S. Cleary, L. Mc Groarty, B. Gallagher, S. Slevin, P. O'Donnell, J. Gallagher, T. Martin, J. McDermott, E. O'Connell, M. Slevin, D. Moriarity, G. Lappin, T. Gallagher, E. J. Gonigle, K. McCready. Cardonagh: J. Diver, H. Reynolds, F. McCarthy, H. Smith, P. Coyle, J. Doherty, D. McLaughlin, E. Cunnigham, P. J. Gallagher, J. Smith, J. J. Brady, P. Mc Laughlin, H. P. Doherty, G. Butler, A. J. Mc Gurk.

Ballyshannon through to Donegal-senior football final
At the Sean MacCumhaill Park, Ballybofey on Sunday Ballyshannon in their come-back bid for the senior crown had an easy and convincing victory over Carndonagh, the Inishowen representatives.
Half time score: Ballyshannon 0-3, Carndonagh 0-1
Full time score: Ballyshannon 1-3, Carndonagh 0-1
Ballyshannon Team: S. Cleary, L. McGroarty, B. Gallagher, S. Slevin, P. O'Donnell, J. Gallagher, T. Martin, J. McDermott, E. O'Connell, M. Slevin, D. Moriarty, S. Lappin, T. Gallagher, E. J. Gonigle, K. McCready.

August 24th, 1951 edition
Ballyshannon can still win group honours
Ballyshannon defeated Donegal by 1-10 to 2-4 to give them a chance at group honours in division C.
In the county league on Sunday at Magheramena, Ballyshannon collected two valuable points when they defeated Donegal in a game in which they were never fully extended.
Donegal 1-3, Ballyshannon 0-4
Ballyshannon Team: S. Cleary, L. McGroarty, B. Gallagher, S. Slevin, P. O'Donnell, J. Gallagher, T. Martin, J. McDermott, E. O'Connell, M. Slevin, E. J.Gonigle, G. Lappin, T. Gallagher, K. McCready, P. McHugh.

August 31st, 1951 edition
Ballyshannon shock team of 1951
Ballyshannon 1-6 Saint Eunan's 1-5.
Ballyshannon were first to attack and in a strong offensive which spelt danger, the ball went from Moriarity to Gonigle to M. Slevin whose shot was returned by English and sent forward by White, but B. Gallagher cleared from the effort by Collins at the other end. McDermott fielded the kick which was held and the free by Jim Gallagher went from 0'Connell to Gonigle who shot, but was penalised.
Following a fine clearance by Martin, O'Connell blocked an effort by White and Red Jack was fouled, Jim Gallagher's free was sent forward to the goal area, where Halpin punched clear. At the other end O'Donnell in clearing from Curran sent Ballyshannon on a movement in which the ball swent from Moriarity to O'Connell to Gonigle who was fouled.
Then the 30 yard free was shot over the bar by M. Slevin for the Ernesiders first score in the tenth minute. Saint Eunan's struck back immediately and after McGettigan shot wide, S. Slevin cleared a 40 yards free by D. Curran, but White cut in to equalise in the 11th minute.
Ballyshannon were back again McDermott fielding well at midfield and sending Moriarity and Red Jack on a movement but T. Gallagher failed to gather the ball and Byrne cleared. Play veered from end to end until the 16th minute when Collins gave Saint Eunans a point lead from a 21 yards free. Two minutes later Martin cleared from McGeehan and sent on to Red Jack who was fouled 40 yards out. Moriarity equalised from the free.
A minute later Martin started another movement which restored Ballyshannons lead when Moriarity pointed from a 30 yards free, after M. Slevin was fouled. White and Collins sent wides in succession for Saint Eunans and after lightening exchanges, Sean Curran centred a lovely shot which Blake punched to leave it 0-3 all.
St. Eunans with a wind advantage were first on the offensive in the second half and after D. Curran and White shot wide, the latter from a free pointed in the fourth minute. Lappin, M. Slevin and Red Jack got going in an abortive Ballyshannon movement out from Boyle's clearance Saint Eunans went ahead with a goal per McLaughlin who fisted to the net.
Four points in arrears Ballyshannon fought back with rugged determination, Red Jack Gallagher soloing through and figuring in a passing movement with Moriarity, M. Slevin, Gonigle, McCready and Martin, who placed Slevin for the greatest goal of their game.
Excitement was tense as the Ernesiders sought the equaliser and when the ball was brought upfield by Moriarity and Red Jack, Gonigle was on the spot to place Mick Slevin for a good point to leave it 1-5 all.
Saint Euna'ns seemed stunned At Ballyshannons quick recovery and when Red Jack Gallagher feilded a 50 yard free by Jim Gallagher and was fouled Moriarity shot over the winner from 25 yards out.
Tense excitement seldom so pronounced at any game gripped spectators as Saint Eunan's forced play into Ballyshannon's territory where Slevin, Lappin, O'Donnell and Gallagher were playing inspired football where from 30 and 45 yards frees and McGeetigan from 21 yard frees shot wide.
Referee: P. McMenamin (Ballybofey).
Ballyshannon team: S. Cleary, P. O'Donnell, B. Gallagher, S. Slevin, G. Lappin, Jim Gallagher, T. Martin, E. O'Donnell. J. McDermott, M. Slevin, D. Moriarity, J. Gallagher. T. Gallagher, E. J. Gonigle, K. McCready.
Saint Eunan's: C. Halpin, C. Boyle, P. English, T. Byrne, P. Dawson, S. Curran, P. Peoples, F. White, P. McGeehan. C. Collins, D. Curran, M. Curran, M. Curran, J. McGettigan, M. Blake, F. Mc Laughlin.

Ballyshannon shock team of 1951 takes seventh Donegal senior championship title
Ballyshannon 1-6, Saint Eunan's 1-5
Ballyshannon team: S. Cleary, P. O'Donnell, B. Gallagher, S. Slevin. G. Lappin, Jim Gallagher, T. Martin, E. O'Connell, J. McDermott, M. Slevin, D. Moriarty, J. Gallagher, E. J. Gonigle, K. McCready.

September 7th, 1951 edition
Home teams take honours in Donegal senior league games.
Reaching its concluding stages on Sunday the Donegal All County Senior Football League was devoid of surprises. The most notable being the defeat of the county champions, Ballyshannon who fell to Killybegs by 0-6 to 0-4 at Straleeny Park in a rugged closely contested game.
Ballyshannon Team: S. Cleary, P. O'Donnell, B. Gallagher, S. Slevin, S. Lappin, Jim Gallagher, T. Martin, J. McDermott, D. Moriarty, M. Slevin, Jack Gallagher, P. McHugh, T. Gallagher, E. J. Gonigle, K. McCready.

September 14th, 1951 edition
Juvenile Donegal 2-1, Ballyshannon 0-5
Much interest was aroused by the south Donegal juniors and juvenile football championship final in which Donegal were the winners defeating Ballyshannon in a game which was witnessed by a good number of spectators.
Ballyshannon team: J. McHugh, P. J. Patton, P. Drummond, P. Boyle, D. Dorrian, P. McDermott, V. McDonagh, P. J. Gallagher, J. McGovern, C. Flynn, M. Murray, S. Martin, M. Cullen, A. Daly, C. McCready.

October 12th, 1951 edition
Donegal's glorious footabll set thousand agog
Tyrone defeated by classic masterly craft
Donegal's senior footballers in defeating Tyrone 4-7 to 3-3 at Omagh on Sunday in their second Lagan Cup outing well and truly earned the title of their Ulster stylists, with a display of class and craft that not alone put in the shade any inter-county game played in Ulster this year.
Ballyshannon players on the team were: J. Gallagher, J. McDermott, D. Moriarty.

November 16th, 1951 edition
Ballyshannon Park
To return to local matters it is gratifying to note that the fine work being carried out by the Ballyshannon club to provide an up-to-date playing arena has not passed unnoticed by the central council or Donegal County Board who at its recent meeting instructed its Ulster council delegates to press for special grants for the park already over £28 has been subscribed and spent on the collosal undertaking the on which has reached an important stage. On the advice of a foremost agricultural expert the committee have decided not to start sowing operations until the spring as to do so now might not give the results aimed at.

November 23rd, 1951 edition
GAA presentation to Fr. Gavigan
On the every departure on the first stages of his 12,000 miles journey from his native Ballyshannon to the Fiji Islands in the Pacific where for the next seven years he will labour for the salvation of souls Rev. Jim Gavigan of the Maynooth mission, son of Mr. and Mrs James Gavigan, upper main street, Ballyshannon was a guest of honour at a Banquet given by the Aodh Ruadh GAA Club of which he was an ardent member.

November 30th, 1951 edition
Ballyshannon Gaelic League Plan for a big year's programme.
Although the attendance wasn't up to expectations only 16 members being present, it did not dampen the enthusiasm at the Annual General Meeting of the Ballyshannon Craobh of the Gaelic League in the Market House on Friday night last when plans were made for a big programme of activity during the year.

December 7th, 1951 edition
Donegal battle through to Lagan Cup final
Donegal advanced a step further in their quest for national league honours at Saint Molaise Park, Irvinestown on Sunday where they defeated Tyrone 2-6 to 1-6 in the senior final of the Dr. Lagan Cup Competition and so qualified to meet Armagh in the Ulster final early in the new year.
J. Gallagher, J. McDermott and D. Moriarty were the Ballyshannon players.