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The Donegal Democrat Archive - 1957

February l5th, 1957 edition
The Annual General Meeting of the Aodh Rua Hurling and Football Club will be held at 8pm on next Wednesday in the Market House, the seasons programme of activities which will include arranging for the Donegal v Down Ulster Senior Championship game in June will be discussed at the Meeting.

March 1st, 1957 edition
Fr. Tierney Park Development.
Plans for further development of the Fr, Tierney Park were referred to by the acting secretary in his Annual Report at the Annual General meeting of the Aodh Ruaidh Hurling and Football Club Ballyshannon held last week.
The balance sheet and statement of accounts which will be presented to you by the Fr. Tierney Memorial Park treasurers will show that during the past 12 months in which progress has been made in liquidating the debt on grounds stated the report.

March 29th, 1957 edition
Ballyshannon hard pressed by Donegal
Ballyshannon 2-3 Donegal 0-7
Leading 2-3 to 0-3 at half-time Ballyshannon were somewhat pressed to take the points in their first outing of the season against Donegal Town at the Fr. Tierney Park, Ballyshanon on Sunday evening and their 2-3 to 0-7 victory in the first round of the Democrat Cup was hard earned.
Ballyshannon Team: S. Drummond, S. Kane, D. Bannigan, J. Murphy, M. Cooney, Jim Gallagher, P. O'Connor, Jim Gallagher. D. McIntyre, S. McCormick, P. Boyle, J. McDermott, O.R. O'Neill, H.J. Gonigle, J. O'Neill, M. McGovern.

April 12th, 1957 edition
Donegal in Ulster junior semi-final.
Tyrone 1-6 Donegal 2-6.
Holding the homesters to level scoring at half-time Donegal qualified for the semi-final of the Ulster junior football Championship against Derry at Letterkenny on April 28th with a 2-6 to 1-6 victory over Tyrone at Coalisland on Sunday.
S. Mc Hugh played.

Apri1 26th, 1957 edition
Ballyshannon school league final.
Charlie Keon's Team 6-2. Paddy Donagher's Team 4-0.
Hurling enthusiasts had an opportunity of assessing the good work being carried out in this sphere when the De La Salle School hurling league was decided at the School Park.
Charlie Keon's Team: Jack Grimes, John McAllister, Billy Brett. Tommy McGuinness, Charlie Rooney, Michael McDermott, Gerard Daly, Eamonn Travers, Denis McGuinness, Patrick Kerrigan, Brendan Hoey, Anthony Begley, Dessy Dolan, Jim Doyney, Eddie Donagher.
Paddy Donagher's Team: Michael Canning, Terence McDermott, Michael Gallagher, Ken Hayes, Gerard Merrifield, Fergus Gildea, Gerry Sheerin, Eamonn Gallagher, Vincent Ferguson, Cathal. Gallagher, Jack Downey, Frank Kennedy, Rory Wray, Ronan Lawn.

May lOth, 1957 edition
Good fare at Dungloe. Dungloe 2-10 Ballyshannon 2-5.
A large attendance of spectators at the popular Rossss venue was treated to a brilliant display of spectacular football between two fine sides at the Gaelic Park, Dungloe on Sunday when the homesters earned the points in the first round "Democrat" Cup game with a 2-10 to 2-5 victory, challengers Ballyshannon holding an interval lead of 0-8 to 1-1.
Ballyshannon Team: S. Drummond, P. Boyle, D. Bannigan, T. Casey M. Cooney, J. Gallagher, D. Sweeney, J. McDermott, S. Kane, P. Parks, B. Stephens, S. McCormick, S. Reilly, D. McIntyre, O.R. O'Neill.

May 17th, 1957 edition
Hard game at Ballyshannon.
Ballyshannon 2-8 Ardara 2-6.
A moderate of spectators at the Fr. Tierney Park, Ballyshannon on Sunday saw the Ernesiders table their second brace of league points at the expense of Ardara on the score 2-8 to 0-6 after holding an interval lead of 2-4 to 0-1.
Ballyshannon Team: S. Drummond, J. 0' Neill, D. Bannigan, T. Casey, M. Cooney, J. McDermott, D. Sweeney, D. McIntyre, S. Kane, P. Parks, S. McCormick, O.R. O'Neill, F. McKeon, B. Stephens, P. Ward.

May 24th, 1957 edition
Ballyshannon finished on strong note. Ballyshannon 5-5 MacCumhaill's 1-6.
At the Fr. Tierney Memorial Park Ballyshannon, confirmed recent form in scoring a 5-5 to 1-6 win over Sean MacCumnaill's in the first round of the Democrat Cup after holding an interval lead of 2-1 to 0-3.'
Ballyshannon Team: S. Drummond, J. O' Neill, D. Bannigan., S. Reilly, J. McDermott, D. Sweeney, D. McIntyre, S. Kane, P. Parks, J. Gallagher, B. Stephens, F. McKeon, P. Boyle, O. R. O'Neill.

June 21st, 1957 edition
De La Salle School final. Fine game at Ballyshannon.
Padraig McGarrigle's 2-8
Tom Kearney's 2-2
The final of the De La Salle Primary School league played at the Fr. Tierney Memorial Park Ballyshannon, on Thursday of last week provided a large attendance of people an enjoyable evening's spectacle.
McGarrigle's Team: Eamonn Gallagher, Eamonn Cleary, Padraig McGarrigle, Sean Crawford, Fergus Lawlor, Alan Kane, Willie Sweeney, Gerard Merrifield, Frank Kelly, Jim Downey, Mathew McNulty, Seamus Sweeney, Ernan Britton, Eddie Donagher, P. J. Donagher.

July 5th, 1957 edition
Two Cups for Jackie's sideboard.
Ballyshannon 6-4 Dunkineely Selected 3-7.
In an exciting game featured by passages of spectacular football Ballyshannon defeated Dunkineely selected 6-4 to 3-7 in the final of the Cannon Brennan Cup at the Recreation Park; Dunkineely, on Sunday evening.
Ballyshannon Team: S. McHugh, J. O'Neill, D. Bannigan, J. Murphy, D. Sweeney, J. McDermott, T. Casey, J. Gallagher, J. McIntyre, P. Parks, B. Stephens, S. McCormick, F. McKeon, S. Kane, T. Loughlin.

July 26th, 1957 edition
Ballyshannon late rally failed.
Donegal 1-8 Ballyshannon 2-4.
At Tirconaill Park, Donegal town where there was a large attendance of spectators, home followers were talking in terms of contesting the senior county final this year following the first round game in which the Eskesiders defeated their old rivals Ballyshannon 1-8 to 2-4.
Ballyshannon Team: S. Drummond, S. Kane, D. Bannigan, J. Murphy, D. Sweeney, J. McDermott, T. Loughlin, S. Reilly, S. McCormick, P. Barry, J. Gallagher, B. Stephens, F. McKeon, S. McHugh, O. R. O'Neill

August 23rd, 1957 edition
Ballyshannon 0-1 Bundoran 11-7.
Bundoran juveniles had a winning margin of 41 points 12-6 to 0-1 over Ballyshannon in the semi-final of the Divisional County Championship at the Fr. Tierney Park Ballyshannon on Friday evening.
Ballyshannon Team: Sean Gavigan, Tom Kearney, Noel Bannigan, Val Wynne, Charlie Keon, Jimmy Rooney, P.J. Ferguson, Sean McDermott, Jackie Grimes, Jim Byrne, Tommy McGowan, Michael Gallagher, Seamus Darcy, Jim McGarrigle, Seamus McDermott, Padraig McGarrigle.

Ballyshannon retain Divisional title.
Ballyshannon 2-8 Donegal 0-5.
Last year's county finalists Ballyshannon retained the South Donegal Divisional senior championship in the final play off at Bundoran where they scored a 2-8 to 0-5 victory over Donegal Town, after having an interval lead of 1-6 to 0-4.
Ballyshannon Team: S. McHugh, S. Kane, D. Bannigan, J. Murphy, O. Daly, J. McDermott, T. Loughlin, Mick Regan, J. Gallagher, P. Parks, S. McCormick, B. Stephens, S. Murray, P. McCready, O.R. O'Neill.

August 30th, 1957 edition
MacCumhaills draw in lost time.
Ballyshannon 1-4 MacCumhaill's 0-7.
Although the under-foot conditions were anything but ideal for the senior semi-final between Ballyshannon and MacCumhaill's· at Tirconaill Park Donegal Town, on Sunday spectators were treated to a right satisfying game in which MacCumhaill's got the equalising score with more than three minutes of "lost" time being played.
Ballyshannon Team: S. McHugh, S. Kane, D. Bannigan, J. Murphy, C. Daly, J. McDermott, T. Loughlin, s. McCormick, M. Regan, F. Parks, J. Gallagher, B. Stephens, S. Moore, J. O'Neill, S. Reilly.

October 11th, 1957 edition
Ballyshannon had close call.
Ballyshannon 5-5 Donegal 4-7.
The score itself Ballyshannon 5-5 Donegal 4-7 suggests the exciting fare that spectators were treated to at Tirconaill Park, Donegal Town on Sunday where Ballyshannon just gained the verdict by the odd point in this "Democrat" Cup thriller.
Team not listed.

October 18th , 1957 edition
Ardara failed to click.
On Sunday last at Ardara Ballyshannon defeated the homesters 3-4 to 0-3 at Magheragallon Gweedore defeated Falcarragh 3-7 to 0-2 and at Donegal Town MacCumhaill's had a 5-4 to 0-3 victory.
Ballyshannon Team: Sean McHugh, Sean Kane, Danny Bannigan, John Murphy, Tommy Casey, Owen Daly, Teddy Loughlin, Dermott, McIntyre, Sean McCormick, J. J. Casey, Jim Gallagher, Sean Reilly, Frankie McKeon, Jackie McDermott, Paddy Parks.

November 29th, 1957 edition
Dungloe's fine win at Ballyshannon.
Ballyshannon 2-2 Dungloe 1-9
At the Fr. Tierney Memorial Park, Ballyshannon on Sunday county Champions Dungloe showed that they were worthy bearers of the title in defeating Ballyshannon by 1-9 to 2-2 in their second round "Democrat" Cup gane.
Ballyshannon Team: O.R. O'Neill, D. Bannigan, J. Mc Knight, J. Murphy, T. Casey, S. O'Reilly, T. Loughlin, S. Kane, S. McCormick, John Reilly, J. McDermott, D. McIntyre, D. Sweeney, F. O'Donnell, B. Stephens.

December 6th, 1957 edition
Ballyshannon Master MacCumhaill's at Ballybofey
Dungloe's winning sequence prevails.
MacCumhaill's 0-8 Ballyshannon 2-6. With the two final games having been decidEid in Section A of the County senior football league on Sunday when Ballyshannon were victorious. '
Ballyshannon Team: O.R. O'Neill, D. Bannigan, F. O'Donnell, John Murphy, Sean Kane, Sean O'Reilly, Danny Sweeney, D. McIntyre, T. Loughlin, B. Stephens, S. McCormick, J. McKnight, F. McKeon, J. McDermott, P. McCready.

December 13th, 1957 edition
Superb St. Eunan's through to final
Ballyshannon flop at Letterkenny.
St. Eunan's 3-8 Ballyshannon 1-4.
Leading 2-5 to nil at the interval St. Eunan's put in a superb performance in the first semi-final of the "Democrat" Cup. (Senior football league) at O'Donnell Park Letterkenny on Sunday qualifying for the final against Dungloe or Gweedore at Ballybofey on December 29th with a 3-8 to 1-4 win over Ballyshannon.
Ballyshannon Team: J. O'Neill, M. Cooney, D. Bannigan, J. Murphy, D. Sweeney, S. Reilly, T. Loughlin, D. McIntyre, J. Gallagher, J. McCready, S. McCormick, J. McKnight, F. McKeon, J. McDermott, F. McCready.