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The Donegal Democrat Archive - 1959

February 13, 1959 edition
Ballyshannon's golden jubilee plans.
Fr. Tierney Park now debt free.
Plans for special celebrations in Ballyshannon to mark the golden jubilee of the Aodh Rua club were discussed at the Annual General Meeting of the club in the Market House on Monday night.
Rev. Bro Raphael chairman presiding.
The members heard encouraging reports from the financial point of view, Mr. John McDermott, joint treasurer, of the Fr. Tierney Park reported that all debt had the credit balance of £67-17-9. The report of the club treasurer was also a satisfactory one.
It was a marvelous achievement they had a park that could not be surpassed, not alone in Co. Donegal, but throughout, the greater portion of the country and he thought it was a wonderful thing. Not alone was it the best park in Donegal it was also second to none in Ulster and they could bring teams into it on any day of the year and they would leave it quite satisfied.
Election of officers.
Hon President: Right Rev. Mons J.C. McGinley D.D. P.P. V.G. Dean of Raphoe.
Hon Vice Presidents: Rev P. Cunnigham C.C. Rev P.J. Young C. C and Rev P. McCormack C. c.
Chairman: Rev Bro. Canice.
Vice chairman: Fr. Cunningham and Rev. Bro Raphael.
Secretary: Owen Roe O'Neill.
Club treasurer: Hugh Daly.
Park Treasurer: John McDermott, Ml. Slevin.
Committee: Bernard Drummond, Jas Kerrigan, Paddy O'Neill, Patsy Herron, Jim Askin, Sean Slevin, Garda M. McNeela, John Murphy, D. Bannigan, John McGuinness,
Senior team Capt: Sean McCormick.
Vice Captain: Sean Kane.
Team Manager: Sean Slevin.

February 20, 1959 edition
De La Salle's good debut.
De La Salle (Ballyshannon) 3-4 C.B.S. (Omagh) 0-4.
A fair number of spectators saw the De La Salle secondary school team game make a good effort in the Rannafast Cup competition at the Fr. Tierney Park Ballyshannon on Saturday where they defeated C.B.S. (Omagh) 3-4 to 0-4 after holding an interval lead of 1-3 to 0-2.
De La Salle Team: John McGinley, Padraig McGarrigle, John Martin, Kieran McHugh, Liam McHugh, Charles Murphy, Peter Quinn, Val Wynne, Charlie Keon, Robbie Cullen, Jack Grimes, Tommy Grimes, Declan O'Carroll.

February 27, 1959 edition
Ballyshannon good win at Omagh
De La Salle (Ballyshannon) 1-6
Derry C.B.S. 0-4.
De La Salle Secondary School team Ballyshannon scored their second successive game in the Rannafast Cup in defeating Derry, C.B.S. 1-6 to 0-4 at Omagh on Saturday.
De La Salle Team: Peter Brady, Pat White, John Martin, Padraig McGarrigle, Liam McHugh, Kieran McHugh, Peter Quinn, Val Wynne, Robbie Cullen, Jack Grimes, Declan O'Carroll, Francis Smyth.

March 6, 1959 edition
Ballyshannon win home Challenge.
Ballyshannon scored a convincing win over their neighbours Belleek Young Emmet's at the Fr. Tierney Park Ballyshannon on Sunday in a Challenge game.
Ballyshannon 1-2 Belleek 0-2.
Ballyshannon Team: Sean Murray, Joe O'Neill, Danny Bannigan, John Murphy, Michael Feeney, Jackie McDermott, Michael McGovern, Jim Layne, Danny Sweeney, Jim Mahoney, o. R. O'Neill Pat O'Byrne, Pat Tuohy, Sean McDermott.

March 20, 1959 edition
Ballyshannon-Benefit semi-final.
Ballyshannon qualified for the county semi-final of the Benefit competition on Sunday with a 4-3 to O-9 win over Four Masters, Donegal Town at the Fr. Tierney Park Ballyshannon on Sunday.
Ballyshannon Team: Sean McDermott, Patsy Herron, John Murphy, Danny Bannigan, Jackie McDermott, Danny Sweeney, Dermott McIntyre, Jim Layne, Pat O'Byrne, J. Long, O.R. O'Neill, Pat Touhy, Paddy McCready.

De La Salle out of Rannafast Cup
St. Eunan's 3-11 De La Salle 0-0
Played in a drizzle and on a cut up sod, the Rannafast Cup game between De La Salle (Ballyshannon) and st. Eunan's College team (Letterkenny) at O'Donnell Park, Letterkenny on Saturday did not come up to expectations.
Ballyshannon Team: P. Brady, J. Martin, P. White, F. McGarrigle, L. McHugh, J. Grimes, V. Wynne, P. Quinn, J. McGinley, C. Keon, E. McIlhenney, T. Grimes, D. Carroll.

Minor Trial game.
Ballyshannon 1-2 St. Naul's 0-3.
In a divisional minor trial game Ballyshannon selected defeated St. Mauls selected 1-2 to 0-3 in a close game.
Ballyshannon Team: F. Campbell, A. Bannigan, J. Martin, Seamus McDermott, P. McGarrigle, V. Wynne, S. Gillespie, Sean McDermott, Bernard Brady, E. Martin, C. Keon, E. McIlhenney, J. O'Byrne, P. Donagher, P.J. Ferguson.

March 27, 1959 edition
Ballyshannon minors thrilling hurling challenge.
The Donegal Minor Hurling championship final replay between Burt and Ballyshannon at MacCumhaill Park, Ballybofey on Sunday was a real thriller which ended in a well-deserved victory for Burt.
Burt 8-2 Ballyshannon 6-0
Ballyshannon Team: D. Kerrigan, F. Scally, J. Martin, V. Wynne, P. Sweeney, W. Esby, J. O'Byrne, R. Cullen, Owen Roe O'Neill, C. Keon, P. Gildea, E. McElhinney, C. Timoney, B. Brady, Eugene Martin.

April 17, 1959 edition
It's a Ballyshannon MacCumhaill's final.
Ballyshannon and MacCumhaill's have qualified for the final of the Donegal county benefit competition with victories over Ardara and county champions at Donegal Town.
Ballyshannon defeated Ardara 4-3 to 0-5.
Ballyshannon Team: Sean McDermott, Patsy Herron, Danny Bannigan, Sean Kane, Jackie McDermott, Danny Sweeney, Jim Layne, Sean McCormick, Dermott McIntyre, Jim Long, Owen Roe O'Neill, Joe O'Neill, Pat Tuohy.

May 8, 1959 edition
Lively fare in "Democrat Cup" games.
Ballyshannon and MacCumhaill's in winning mood. Ballyshannon 1-4 Donegal 0-4.
With the wind advantage in the first half Ballyshannon had they taken advantage of a number of admirable scoring chances that presented themselves should have had this game well and truly sown up in their favour long before half-time.
Ballyshannon Team: F. McLaughlin, F. Herron, J. Layne, D. Bannigan, S. Kane, J. McDermott, D. Sweeney, D. McIntyre, J.Murphy, J. Long, J. Gallagher, O.R. O'Neill, Pat Ward, S. McDermott, P. Tuohy.

May 17, 1959 edition
MacCumhaill's best Ballyshannon in benefit final.
Ballyshannon 0-5 MacCumhaill's 3-5.
Playing with a delightful brand of football to which the homesters had no adequate answer, Sean MacCumhaill's defeated Ballyshannon 3-5 to 0-5 in the county final of the Benefit Competition at the Father Tierney Park, Ballyshannon on Sunday
Ballyshannon Team: Sean McDermott, Patsy Herron, Danny Bannigan, John Murphy, Dermott McIntyre, Jackie McDermott, Danny Sweeney, John McKnight, Jim Layne, Jim Long, Jim Gallagher, Owen Roe O'Neill, Pat Ward, Sean McCormick, Pat Tuohy.

May 22, 1959 edition
Ballyshannon win under-14 challenge.
Ballyshannon 3-7 Manorhamilton 2-8.
That was the score at the end of the very interesting challenge game played between the above team in the Fr. Tierney Park, between the above teams in the Fr. Tierney Park, on Sunday evening of last week.
Ballyshannon Team: Dessie Coughlin, Eamonn Travers, Mathew McNulty, Denis McGuinness, Frank Kennedy, Alan Kane, Jim McPhillips, Frank Kelly, Pauric Mc Shea, Seamus Martin, Michae1 McLoone, Cathal Gallagher, John O'Doherty, Eddie Donagher, Michael McDermott.

May 29, 1959 edition
Ernesiders unlucky in defeat
Ballyshannon 1-5 St. Eunan's 2-4.
At Fr. Tierney Park Ballyshannon St. Eunan's (Letterkenny) scored a somewhat lucky 2 points win over Ballyshannon in the first round of the senior football league on Sunday on-the scores 2-4 to the homesters 1-5 after holding an interval lead of 2-2 to 0-1.
Ballyshannon Team: Sean Murray, Pat Wa.rd, Joe O'Neill, John Murphy, Pat O'Byrne, Jackie McDermott, Danny Sweeney, Michael McGovern, Dermott McIntyre, Jim Long, Jim Gallagher Pat Tuohy, Paddy McCready, Danny Bannigan, Owen Roe O'Neill.

June 26, 1959 edition
Hurling final was a thriller.
Pauric McShea, 8-3 Michael McLoone 8-0.
In the Fr. Tierney Park Ballyshannon on Friday night last Pauric's team defeated Michael's by 8-3 to 8-0 in the final of the Ballyshannon school boys hurling league.
Michael McLoone's Team: Sean Keenaghan, Sean Donohue, Peter Garland, Eamonn Travers, Liam Brett, Frank Kennedy, Patrick Kerrigan, Sean McGarrigle, Dermot O'Doherty, Fergus Lawlor, Jimmy McPhillips, Martin McNeela., Danny Kerrigan, Seamus Melly.
Pauric McShea's team: Mathew McNulty, Michael McDermott, Gerry McGuinness, Denis McGuinness, Seamus Martin, Cathal Gallagher, Laurence Hegarty, Brendan Hoey, Pearse McNeela, AL Duncan, Danny McGrory, Thomas Quinn, Christy McDermott, Liam Daly.

July 3, 1959 edition
E.S.B. Beat Ballyshannon in thriller.
E.S.B. 1-14 Ballyshannon 3-4.
Great interest was evinced in the meeting of E.S.B. and Ballyshannon in a challenge game at the Fr. Tierney Park side on Monday evening when the Aodh Ruadh side went on the score 3-4 to ESB'S 1-14.
Ballyshannon Team: Jim O'Byrne, H. J. Gonigle, F. McLoughlin, Danny Sweeney, Pat O'Byrne, Sean Kane, John McCready, Micheal McGovern, Jim Layne, Jim Long, Jim Gallagher, Owen Roe O'Neill, Hugh Ferry, Sean McDermott, Pat Tuohy.

July 10, 1959 edition
Standard was low but excitement high
Ballyshannon 2-5 Donegal 1-8.
Leading 1-2 to 0-2 at half-time Ballyshannon were lucky to draw 2-5 to 1-8 with Donegal in the first round of the senior championship at the Fr. Tierney Park on Sunday.
Ballyshannon Team: J. Byrne, P. Herron, D. Bannigan, J. Murphy S. Gallagher, J. McDermott, D. Sweeney, S. Kane, D. McIntyre, S. McCormick, J. Long, O.R. O'Neill, R. Cullen, P. Byrne, P. Tuohy, J. O'Neill for J. Cullen.

De La Salle Schools final.
Michael McLoone 3-7 Frank Kelly 3-5.
The De La Salle's Schools football league final played at the Fr. Tierney Park Ballyshannon on Sunday was very entertaining in the presence of a large attendance and it ended in a defeat of the reigning champion, Frank Kelly 3-7 to 3-5 by Michael McLoone's fifteen.
Michae1 McLoone's team: Dessie Coughlin, Fergus Lawlor, Alan Kane, Danny Keenaghan, Brendan Hoey, Sammy Moore, Dermott O'Foherty, Michael McLoone, Eamonn Travers, Eugene Gallagher, Hugh Gilblin, Paddy Rice, Jimbo Downey, Eddie Donagher, Michael Travers.
Frank Kelly's Team: Peter Garland, P. O'Brien, Raymond Duncan Liam Daly, Dessie McGowan, Pa. Kerrigan, Eamonn Clancy, Frank Kelly, Dannie McGrory, Chris Griffin, Seamus Martin, Jackie Gormley, Patsy Sweeney, Cathal Gallagher, Pearse McNeela.

July 24, 1959 edition
Ballyshannon decisively routed in final.
Four Masters 5-5 Ballyshannon 0-4.
Four Masters Donegal Town decisively beat Aodh Ruadh Ballyshannon in the final of the South Donegal senior football championship at Park Tirconaill Donegal Town on Sunday where they had a 16 points margin in their 5-5 to 0-4 success.
Ballyshannon Team: Sean McDermott, Seamus Gallagher, Danny Bannigan, John Murphy, Tommy Casey, Jackie McDermott, Danny Sweeney; Dermot McIntyre, Sean Kane, Paddy McCready, Jim Gallagher, Sean McCormick, Pat Tuohy, Joe O'Neill, Owen Roe O'Neill.

September 4 , 1959 edition
Gweedore retain minor championship.
Ballyshannon defeated in lively final.
Gweedore 3-5 Ballyshannon 0-6.
Before a fair attendance at the Sean MacCumhaill Memorial Park Ballybofey on Sunday Gweedore retained the minor county football championship crown with a 3-5 to 0-6 win over Ballyshannon after holding an interval lead of 0-3 to 0-2.
Ballyshannon Team: O'Byrne, Noel Bannigan, Quinn, John Gillespie Pat McGarrigle, Bernard Brady, Wynne, Robbie Cullen, Sean McDermott, Eugene McElhinney, Gerry Griffin, Charlie Keon, Vincent Campbell.

August 21, 1959 edition
South minor replay also a draw
Ballyshannon 2-4 St. Naul's 2-4.
For the second time within a few days, Ballyshannon and St. Naul's played a drawn game in the South Donegal minor championship final when the teams meet in the replay at Tirconaill Park, Donegal Town on Friday evening.
Ballyshannon Team: Peter Brady, Jim O'Byrne, Jack Quinn, Noel Bannigan, Padraig McGarrigle, Bernard Brady, Val Wynne, Brian McEniff, Peter Quinn, Charlie Keon, Sean McDermott, Robbie Cullen, Vincent Campbell, Paddy Donagher, Eugene McElhinney

October 16, 1959 edition
"Democrat Cup"
Close win for Ballysh~nnon. Ballyshannon 3-3 Na Piarsai 2-5.
An exciting second half in which they struggled hard to wipe out a deficit of 5 points was climaxed out at the Fr. Tierney Park Ballyshannon by a one-point win for the homesters in the closing stages of their game with Na Piarsai.
Ballyshannon Team: Jim O'Byrne, Sean Kane, Pat O'Byrne, Pat Ward, Seamus Gallagher, Jackie McDermott, Danny Sweeney, Dermot MacIntyre, Ml McGovern, Sean McDermott, Jim Long, Owen Roe O'Neill, Paddy McCready, Joe O'Neill, Pat Tuohy.

October 30, 1959 edition
Champions best Ballyshannon.
Ballyshannon 1-1 MacCumhaill's 2-4.
The weather like the football was poor at the Fr. Tierney Park on Sunday evening when County champions MacCumhaill's scored a 2-4 to 1-1 win over Ballyshannon in their second round senior county football league game.
Ballyshannon Team: Jim O'Byrne, Patsy Herron, Joe O'Neill, John Murphy, Pat Ward, Jackie McDermott, Danny Sweeney, Sean Kane, Jim Layne, Paddy McCready, Jim Long, Owen Roe O'Neil, Pat O'Byrne, Sean McDermott, Paddy Tuohy.

November 6, 1959 edition
M.H. Burt 6-4 Ballyshannon 2-1. There was no doubting the superiority of the minor hurlersof Burt. They had a comfortable 6-4 to 2-1 win over Ballyshannon who could never never match their score.
Ballyshannon Team: Sean Ferguson, P.J. Ferguson, Peadar McGarrigle, Val Wynne, John Hanna, Peter Quinn, Noel Bannigan, Sean McDermott, Robi Cullen, Jim Byrne, Jack Grimes, Kevin Graham, Jack Cunnigham, Jim McGettigan, Tommy Martin.

November 13 , 1959 edition
St. Eunan's maintain winning sequence.
St. Eunan's (Letterkenny) 2-8 Ballyshannon 1-4.
St. Eunan's continued their winning sequence in the Democrat Cup (senior county football league) at O'Donnell Park, Letterkenny on Sunday where they defeated Ballyshannon 2-8 to 1-2 after holding an interval lead of 0-6 to 0-2.
Ballyshannon Team: Jim O'Byrne, Joe O'Neill, Sean Kane, John Murphy, Pat Ward, Jackie McDermott, Danny Sweeney, Dermot McIntyre, Paddy McCready, Sean McCormick, Jim Long, Owen Roe O'Neill, Packie Boyle, Sean McDermott, Pat Tuohy.

November 20, 1959 edition
Lamh Deargh's (Letterkenny) 9-3 Ballyshannon 3-4.
Lamh Deargh's won their second Donegal county juvenile Hurling championship crown at the Sean MacCumhaill memorial Park, Ballybofey on Sunday with a 9-3 to 3-4 win Ballyshannon after holding an interval lead of 4-0 to 2-2.
Ballyshannon Team: Ciaran Dolan, Matt McNulty, John Hanna, Denis Murnane, Seamus Darcy, Padraig McGarrigle, Peter Brady, Jack Grimes, Peter Sweeney, Jack Cunningham, Seamus McGranaghan, Pauric McShea, Ml McLoone, F McMullin, Declan O'Carroll.

Big win for Ballyshannon.
Ballyshannon 6-7 Omagh C.B.S. 0-1
In the Corn na nOg competition played at the Omagh C.B.S. Park on Seturday November 14th De Le. Salle Ballyshannon defeated the locals to the tune of 6-7 to 0-1.
Ballyshannon Team: Hamrogue, E. Travers, M. McNulty, M. Daly, F. Kennedy, C. Murphy, S. McHugh, T. Martin, D. Carroll, M. McLoone, K. Dolan, P. McShea, H. Cullen, P. Brady, S. O'Doherty.
Team Won Lost Points
Derry C.B.S. 3 0 6
De La Salle 2 1 4
St. Eunan's 1 2 2
Omagh C.B.S. 0 3 0

November 27, 1959 edition
Fermanagh beat Donegal in the rain.
Fermanagh 0-7 Donegal 0-4.
Although most of the estimated 2000 spectators at the Athletic Grounds, Lisnaskea, on Sunday were wet to the skin long before the half-time whistle sounded none left the grounds until the end of this thrilling Lagan Cup tie in which All-Ireland junior champions Fermanagh defeated their neighbours, Donegal by 0-7 to 0-4.
Donegal Team: Seamus Hoare, Sean Kane, Finn Gallagher, Ml Regan, Paul Kelly, Bernard Brady, Paddy Finnerty, Joe O'Donnell, Brendan McFeely, Harry Lawlor, Sean O'Donnell, Mick McGinley, Hugh O'Donnell, Jackie McDermott, Jim Long.