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Aodh Ruadh outclass McCumhaill's

Under 16 hurling league
Aodh Ruadh 4-6
McCumhaills 2-7
Dennis Doherty reports

In their second game of the year Aodh Ruadh were much improved upon since their first winning game against Setanta. Despite the initial ten minutes when the Ballyshannon team conceeded 1-2 to no score it was an overall tremendous team performance. Despite conceeding a very soft goal the Aodh Ruadh keeper had a fine game and his puckouts to the Aodh Ruadh midield and half -frowards about the centre of the pitch were excellent. Two first half goals from Kieran Kilgannon and the tight marking of Cian Dolan, Darren Gillespie and Peader O'Keefe kept us well on top. Kieran Kilgannon, who was full forward, acted as a fourth half-forward and his penetrating runs payed rich divedends, as his pace running in with the sliothar could not be matched!

The second half saw a to be expected revival from Ballybofey but their key man Matherson ('Massey') was much quieter than in the first half having been moved from midfield to the corner forward position. They did get a goal with 7 minutes to go but the last goal of the macth fell to Kieran Kilgannon which effectively finished the game.

Best for Aodh Ruadh were Darren Gillespie, Cian Dolan, Peader O'Keefe, Kieran Kilgannon and Richard McDevitt ('Man of the Match'). Paul Hughes was much missed and he is expected to be out through injury for the remainder of the season.

Vital Statistics
Aodh Ruadh
Ryan O'Brien; Declan Downey, Ashley Mulhern, Brian Fox; Liam Gallagher, Cian Dolan, Stephen Ryan; Darren Gillespie (0-1), David Dolan; Peader O'Keefe (0-1), Richard McDevitt, Gavin Croghan (0-1); Liam Cullen (1-0), Kieran Kilgannon (3-2), Jack Matthews.
Shane McNulty, Damian Cleary, Donal O'Keefe, and Patrick Faherty.
Damian Cleary for J. Matthews, S. McNulty for D. Downey and P. Faherty for Gavin Croghan.
Gerry McDermot

Report Filed: 22 August 2006