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Out and about at the Allingham Arts

We have a large gallery of images up from the Allingham Arts Festival weekend. Among the events captured on virtual film were the official opening of the festival by the Norwegian Ambassador, Roald Naess; the screening of the short film, A Walk With Allingham; the presentation by Eva Hov on The Hidden Treasure - The Allingham Manuscripts In A Trondheim Library; the debate on Local Government Reform with panelists, Minister Phil Hogan, Dr Sean Ó Riordáin, Dr Bríd Quinn, Tom Dowling and chaired by Terry Prone; the song-writing competition finals in Dicey Reilly's; The launch of a poetry collection by Enda McGloin; and a panel discussion on the RTE Doc On One - Peter Daly Good Cop / Bad Cop. A great record of a very successful and enjoyable weekend of events and activities.

Last modified: Monday, 1 June 2020 at 1:14pm