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To Whom It May Concern:

I work with the Documentary Unit in RT Television and am working on a TV programme which I hope you or your colleagues in the Aodh Ruadh GAA club can help me with. The TV programme will be an observational style documentary featuring men aged 18-25 who are currently unemployed and perhaps contemplating leaving Ireland to find work. Rather than being an investigative or current affairs style programme were hoping to tell the mens stories through their own voices. Im hoping that through your work with the local GAA club you or your colleagues might be in a position to help me make contact with men who fit the above criteria. As well as focusing on unemployed men within the 18-25yr old bracket, for this particular documentary were also just hoping to focus on men who went straight into employment following school. They might have worked in the construction industry or worked for a company that has recently closed down, however, these men now find themselves with skills that arent relevant to the jobs market in Ireland today and might have to look further a field for work. Im aware that Donegal has a large number of unemployed men in this category and would therefore appreciate any help you can give me in making contact with men from your area. Whether they were employed during the boom years or even if theyve recently left school and because of the economic downturn have yet to benefit from employment, were hoping to interview them about being unemployed in 2010 and if emigration is on the cards.

Ill be concluding my research in the next two-three weeks so would like to speak with as many of these men over the telephone before that time or indeed Im happy to travel up to Donegal to meet with them informally etc. However please be aware that were just focusing on men aged 18-25 for this particular programme and any contact I have at this point will be purely for research purposes and isnt a guarantee that they will be included in the final programme

I hope you can help me and look forward to hearing from you. If you require any further information please dont hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Eanya Gallagher

The Documentary Unit
RT Television
1st Floor, Stage 7
Dublin 4, Ireland

Tel: + 353 1 2083151
Email: eanya.gallagher@rte.ie

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