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Photography and video policy

Aodh Ruadh recognises and appreciates concerns around the risks posed directly and indirectly to children, young people, adult club members and members of the wider community in relation to the use of photography and video. The intention of this policy is to reduce the risk of inappropriate, unsolicited attention from people within and without the club in relation to the use of cameras, video cameras and mobile phones at club events.

Photography and video are important methods of documenting activity recognising achievement and promoting our games and our club. As part of their involvement with Aodh Ruadh, underage players, adult players, club members and members of the wider community may be photographed and/or videoed. The following policy is an effort to outline appropriate use and context, establish good practise and reduce the risks of photography and video being used inappropriately.

As a general rule of thumb; Anyone with any concerns about photography or video at games, training or any other club activities is asked to inform the Child Protection Officer. E-mail

Photography and video policy

  1. Third party photographers wishing to record a club event must seek the permission of the most senior club official on site. In the event that the photographer is unknown to the club official, he/she should establish the intended use of such recordings and take a name and contact number. If there is ANY doubt over the bone fides of the request, permission must be denied.
  2. Photography must focus on the activity, not on the individual child or adult. For example, photographs of a player receiving a trophy are acceptable. A photograph of the player outside of a sporting context is not acceptable.
  3. Players must NEVER be photographed or filmed in any state of undress.
  4. It is not acceptable to use mobile phones with the capacity to record images or video in certain locations. For example changing rooms. If anyone suspects that a camera phone is being used in a manner that may cause upset or cause offence to another player, they must inform the Child Protection Officer.
  5. If you receive an offensive photo, e-mail or message, that has a connection to the club or its members - do not reply, save it, make a note of times and dates and inform the Child Protection Officer as soon as possible.
  6. Photographs and video clips will be used for the sole purpose of promoting the sport and the club.

Report Filed: 2 January 2010