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Aodh Ruadh Beal Átha Seanaigh CLG Club By-Laws


    These bye-laws are an appendix to the Constitution of the Aodh Ruadh Ballyshannon GAA Club and as such shall be read in conjunction with the Club Constitution and the GAA Official Guide.
  2. General

    1. All trips involving an overnight stay shall be approved in advance by the Club Executive. Details of itinerary, costs, supervision and control shall be submitted with the application.
    2. Arrangements for all challenge games and trips are to be notified in advance to Club Secretary.
    3. All transport shall be arranged by the team manager or relevant sub committee with two quotes sought and approval from the Club Treasurer. Each person travelling will be required to pay a sum to help defray the costs of transportation hire. The sum to be paid will be determined by each sub-committee.
    4. All arrangements for away games, challenges, weekend excursions, and such events shall be discussed in advance with the Club Treasurer.
    5. The seeking of sponsorship for all sections of the Club in relation to teams, competitions, tournaments etc., shall be ratified through the Club Treasurer(s) and shall be co-ordinated by them. No sponsorship may be sought or accepted by any unit indirectly or through third parties. Should any member of any unit be approached in relation to sponsorship, that person should be referred to the Club Treasurer(s).
    6. In the interests of accountability and good management, all funds received from whatever source, other than those received by the Park Development sub-committee for Park purposes, shall be received by the Club Treasurer.
    7. All information regarding forthcoming fixtures, team events, results etc. for publication must go through the PRO of the Club.
    8. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held by 30th November each year.
    9. All bookings for use of Aras Aoidh Ruaidh should be made through the Club Secretary.
    10. Aodh Ruadh is a smoke free club.
  3. Executive Committee

    1. The President and Vice President(s) of the club shall be ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.
    2. The Executive Committee shall administer the business and affairs of the club and personal property under its control in accordance with the aims and objects specified in the constitution and shall have all such administrative powers as may be necessary for properly carrying out the aims and objectives of he Club.
    3. Where officers not able to attend monthly club meetings they are required to forward a report to the committee.
    4. A meeting of Club Executive Committee will be held in every month of year except for month of the Annual General Meeting.
    5. Members of the Club Executive and all officers of the Sub-Committees shall be fully paid up members of the Club. Subscriptions of Executive members and officers of Sub-Committees shall be renewed by March 31st. Any Executive member or Sub-Committee officer who has not renewed membership by March 31st shall automatically cease to be an Executive member or officer of the relevant Sub-Committee
    6. The following are the sub-committees of the club. -
      • Adult Football
      • Bord na nÓg
      • Ladies Football
      • Hurling
      • Juvenile Hurling
      • Park / Development
      • Each sub-committee shall have equal representation of two on the Executive Committee. Hereafter where the term 'sub-committees' is used in this document it will be taken to refer to these committees taken as a body.
    7. An officer of the Executive Committee other than the Secretary or Treasurer shall not hold the same office for more than three consectitive years. The Secretary or Treasurer shall not hold the same office for more than six consecutive years.
    8. Where a member of Club Executive Committee misses a third consecutive monthly meeting without a reasonable excuse, they will be removed from the committee except where they have notified the club secretary of the reason for the third such absence and it is considered a reasonable excuse. If such removal results in any subcommittee of the club being inadequately represented by such action then that such sub-committee be authorised to appoint a replacement.
  4. Finance

    1. The Treasurer(s) is responsible for the financial governance of the Club and shall:
      1. Open a bank deposit account in the name of the Club in a bank nominated by the Club Executive.
      2. Open a current account in the name of the Club in a bank nominated by the Club Executive. All cheques drawn on the said account shall be signed by the Treasurer and by the Chairperson or Secretary of the Club.
      3. (a) The Treasurer shall
        • Lodge receipts in the bank.
        • Keep a record of receipts and payments of the club.
        • Keep any such books or records as the Club Executive may from time to time decide.
      4. The Treasurer shall present their report to the Annual General Meeting of the Club. The report shall contain the following items:-
        • The final accounts.
        • Receipts and payments account.
        • Income and expenditure account.
        • Balance Sheet.
      5. Permission for all fund-raising activities within the Club by any Sub-Committee or by any unit thereof, shall be discussed at a Club Executive meeting in advance of any preparation for such fund-raising being made.
      6. The Club Treasurer only shall have authority to open an account in a business premises. The Club shall not be responsible for any accounts opened in any premises without the express authority of the Treasurer directly to the business in question.
      7. There shall be a Finance sub-committee comprised as follows:
        • Club Treasurer
        • The Finance Officers of the club's sub-committees
  5. Assistant Secretary

    1. Shall collect membership subscriptions.
    2. Facilitate registration of all players and club members with the GAA.
    3. Assist the Secretary in their duties.
  6. Sub committees

    1. All sub-committees shall hold their Annual General Meetings at least one week prior to the club Annual General Meeting.
    2. The Chairpersons of all sub-committees shall be approved by the Club Executive after the club Annual General Meeting.
    3. Immediately after their Annual General Meeting the Secretaries of all sub-committees shall notify the Club Secretary of the composition of their sub-committee.
    4. The officers of the Park/Development sub-committee shall comprise of the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.
    5. The Sub-Committee representative on the Executive Committee shall be the Chairperson and Secretary of the Sub-Committee. If unable to attend they may nominate a proxy.
    6. All sub-committee annual reports shall be with the Club Secretary at least one week prior to the club Annual General Meeting.
    7. All sub-committees shall operate under the rules and regulations of the Club. In the event of a sub-committee being affiliated to another organisation which has associations with the GAA, the rules pertaining to the on-field running / conduct of the games and all disciplinary matters arising therefrom shall be the rules of that body. All other matters relating to the sub-committee, including, but not restricted to membership, conduct of meetings, finance, etc., shall come under the jurisdiction of the Aodh Ruadh GAA Club and the Club Constitution.
    8. All sub-committees shall make a report of their estimates at the monthly Club Executive meeting and to the Annual General Meeting of the club.
  7. Park / Development sub-committee

    1. Will function under the title "Aodh Ruadh Park / Development Committee"
    2. The Park Development Committee shall be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all grounds, dressing rooms and other club buildings and structures. It will, in conjunction with the Club Executive and all club members, maintain and enhance the County Grounds of Father Tierney Park and Páirc Aoidh Ruaidh.
    3. Any proposals for the development of the real property of the Club shall be agreed to by the Club Executive. The committee shall administer the real property of the club in accordance with the aims and objects specified in the club Constitution and shall have such administrative powers as may be necessary to carry out its functions.
    4. The Park Committee shall comply with all rules, regulations and requirements of Government Bodies and Local Authorities in so far as is practicable and within the limits and constraints of club finances.
    5. The membership of the Park Development Committee shall consist of the Park Committee Officers, all members of the Club Executive and five members co-opted at the first meeting of the Committee after the Annual General Meeting. The Park Sub-Committee shall elect officers as follows at its Annual General Meeting:-
      • Chairperson
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
    6. This Annual General Meeting may be held in conjunction with the Club Annual General Meeting.
    7. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the committee.
    8. The Treasurer shall open a current bank account and a deposit bank account in the name of "Aodh Ruadh GAA Club Park Committee Account"
  8. Adult Football sub-committee

    1. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall appoint one person as Team Manager for each adult team and under 21 team.
    2. The team managers duties will be to co-ordinate the management of senior reserve and under 21 football teams.
    3. The managers so appointed may nominate two people or more to assist each of them. The persons selected by the Team Managers must be ratified at a subsequent meeting of the Club Executive.
    4. The Team Managers and assistants will comprise membership of this Sub-Committee.
    5. Team Managers are expected to be present to submit reports to monthly club executive committee, or where unavoidably indisposed, submit a brief written report.
  9. All-Ireland final ticket allocations

    1. Tickets to be allocated by Club Executive through club members only.
    2. Allocation to sponsors at discretion of Club Executive.
    3. All-Ireland Football Final ticket allocation procedure
      • Club chair, secretary and treasurer will have an option on one ticket each.
      • Only those that have applied for tickets are eligible for draw.
      • Tickets to be drawn among general club membership which have made an application for inclusion.
      • Draw and distribution of remaining ticket allocation to take place on Thursday night before All-Ireland final.
      • Tickets to be paid for in full on reciept.
    4. All-Ireland Football Final ticket allocation procedure where Donegal are participating.
      • Club chair, secretary and treasurer will have an option on two tickets each.
      • Current members of Cairde Aoidh Ruaidh will have an option on one ticket each.
      • Providing sufficient tickets are available, fully paid up adult members registered by 31st March who apply will be entitled to one ticket each.
      • Should the ticket allocation fall short of the number of club members making a ticket application, the Club executive will determine the sequence of prioritisation for the distribution of tickets.
      • Any draw required and distribution of tickets to take place on Thursday night before All-Ireland final.
      • Tickets to be paid for in full on reciept.
    5. All-Ireland Hurling Final ticket allocation procedure
      • Officers to get one each.
      • Those promoting hurling to get priority.
      • One drawn from general committee members.
      • One drawn from overall membership.
      • Remaining tickets drawn from those that have requested a ticket.
      • Tickets to be paid for in full on reciept.
  10. Conclusion

    1. These by-laws shall be taken as an amendment of and in substitution for any existing by-laws of Aodh Ruadh Ballyshannon GAA Club as of the ... .

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