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Aras Aoidh Ruadh

Aras Aoidh Ruadh is the focus for off-field activities in the Aodh Ruadh club. It hosts club meetings, underage discos, catering at tournaments, facilitates the media at county games and a hundred and one other club events.

Aras Aoidh Ruadh.

Aras Aoidh Ruadh plaque.
The plaque unveiled at the official opening of Aras Aoidh Ruadh on 25 February, 2005.

Aras Aoidh Ruadh .
On the lower floor of Aras Aoidh Ruadh are the club's two main dressing rooms

Aras Aoidh Ruadh plaque.
The upper floor of Aras Aoidh Ruadh is a large room generally used for club meetings and gatherings. It has kitchen facilities to provide catering for any event that might require them. The walls feature pictures from the club's past and present.