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The Race For Sam Draw

The Race For Sam 2012 is finally up and running. The draw took place on Saturday night in the Bridgend and with over 100 entrants it took over an hour. The runners and riders drawn were as follows. There were a few spare entries drawn on the night with no names put to them and anyone who missed the deadline can still avail of a team up until Saturday 26th May. Please contact John Hughes on 0876431805 before Saturday to put your name down for one of the few remaining sealed entries. Anyone yet to pay for their entry, is asked to do so as soon as possible. You might also want to have a look over the rules and scoring too. One additional note on the rules: All player scores will be taken from the Game At A Glance section in the Irish Independent. You can check out the latest standings every week on the Race for Sam Leaderboard.

Race for Sam Runners and Riders

NameTeam NameTeamsPlayers
John HughesArmagh For SamFermanaghLeitrimTipperaryDublinS O'NeillE MulliganD TubridyD Clarke
Michael Mc GrathSilence Of The ShamsTyroneGalwayWaterfordWestmeathS O'NeillC MortimerG HurneyB Brogan
Barry TraversThe Greatest ReserveCavanNew YorkKerryDublinM MurphyC MortimerBarry BroganC Begley
Ciron WhoriskeyLeitrim LadiesAntrimNew YorkWaterfordOffalyJ ClarkeA MarrenD TubridyJ Doyle
Ronan DrummondAverage Joe'SDonegalLondonTipperaryWicklowM MurphyP ConroyD TubridyJ Doyle
Donna MartinParkhill RoversDerryGalwayCorkLouthM DunneL ColferD TubridyT Hannon
Rory O'NeillIce Cream RoversDonegalMayoLimerickLongfordS O'NeillP ConroyI RyanD Glennon
John TraversRetired GentsDownRoscommonCorkOffalyS QuigleyC MortimerBarry BroganS McCormack
Kevin LoughlinLeaksAntrimSligoCorkMeathM MurphyP ConroyD TubridyJ Doyle
Diarmuid McinerneyPoacher BoyCavanSligoLimerickWicklowM DunneD ShineC CooperS Bray
Brian CampbellButcher BoysMonaghanLeitrimWaterfordDublinM DunneP ConroyD O'ConnorT Hannon
Jimmy GethinsFinner Hero'SArmaghLeitrimCorkWestmeathP BradleyC MortimerBarry BroganS Bray
John RooneyUp SkehanaTyroneSligoClareOffalyS QuigleyC MortimerC CooperS McCormack
Stephen WardWoodland WarriorsDonegalLondonKerryMeathA CarrD ShineBarry BroganS McCormack
Moya FergusonMagic HandsDonegalSligoLimerickDublinJ ClarkeC MortimerBarry BroganD Clarke
Noel McgrathThe RooferDonegalGalwayWaterfordWestmeathS QuigleyA MarrenBarry BroganD Clarke
Anthony CoughlinThe WaddlersCavanLeitrimCorkMeathS O'NeillE MulliganBarry BroganB Brosnan
Shane WardWardyCavanGalwayWaterfordMeathJ ClarkeE MulliganI RyanD Glennon
Kenny VaughanBoy CycleArmaghMayoClareOffalyP BradleyD ShineI RyanD Glennon
Lorraine O'MahoneyTeam WoolyCavanLeitrimWaterfordCarlowM MurphyL ColferG HurneyB Brosnan
Declan O'MahoneyTeam TinnakillCavanMayoKerryLaoisP BradleyE MulliganC CooperB Brosnan
Gerry GallagherPints Of TaeTyroneSligoClareLongfordM MurphyC MortimerD O'ConnorD Clarke
Finbar GethinsFinner ForeverArmaghLeitrimWaterfordCarlowS QuigleyL ColferBarry BroganB Brosnan
Niall PattonFishy'S FollyTyroneMayoWaterfordDublinA CarrE MulliganBarry BroganB Brogan
Kieran McginnTruagh NuaDonegalSligoLimerickOffalyP BradleyL ColferD TubridyB Brogan
Aiden GivensArmagh For SamArmaghNew YorkCorkCarlowP FinleyP ConroyBarry BroganT Hannon
Liam GilmartinMelvin GaelsDonegalRoscommonLimerickLaoisA CarrP ConroyD TubridyB Brosnan
Kevin McgrathSonny BoyDerryNew YorkWaterfordDublinS O'NeillE MulliganD O'ConnorJ Doyle
Brian DrummondBass DrumMonaghanLeitrimTipperaryWexfordJ ClarkeD ShineD O'ConnorD Glennon
Bernard DrummondBarney The BookieDonegalSligoCorkCarlowM MurphyL ColferI RyanC Begley
Sean O'MahoneyRathmore RunawaysDerryMayoKerryLaoisM DunneL ColferC CooperT Hannon
Gary VaughanThe Long FellasAntrimGalwayWaterfordOffalyM DunneD ShineC CooperT Hannon
Eugene LoughlinGum Shield UnitedCavanRoscommonWaterfordLongfordP BradleyE MulliganI RyanJ Doyle
Packie McgrathYou Can Do It'SDerryGalwayTipperaryLouthP FinleyL ColferG HurneyJj Smith
Jim McgrathI'D Say So'SDownLondonKerryWexfordS O'NeillC MortimerG HurneyJ Doyle
Dom KellyKellys HerosArmaghLondonTipperaryCarlowS QuigleyE MulliganD O'ConnorB Brosnan
Liam TraversThe GullysAntrimNew YorkWaterfordLaoisP CunninghamP ConroyC CooperN Dunne
Val MurraySean "Dettori" OgsFermanaghGalwayWaterfordLouthS O'NeillE MulliganD O'ConnorS McCormack
Anthony TraversThe WinnersMonaghanRoscommonKerryWestmeathM MurphyD ShineI RyanN Dunne
Gerard FergusonMac AttackCavanMayoLimerickLouthP BradleyP ConroyBarry BroganB Brogan
Barry WardBarrys BabesArmaghLeitrimClareOffalyP CunninghamE MulliganD O'ConnorD Glennon
Michael DolanDolans DicipilesArmaghNew YorkKerryCarlowP CunninghamP ConroyD O'ConnorD Glennon
Betty McintyreMacalla'S MatesDownMayoKerryLaoisS QuigleyL ColferG HurneyS Bray
Grainne McintyreStephens LegendsArmaghLeitrimKerryCarlowM MurphyE MulliganD TubridyB Brogan
Catherine Mc KeeThe BannerMonaghanLondonWaterfordDublinM DunneE MulliganI RyanS Bray
Niall Mc KeeThe Wu Tang ClanArmaghGalwayTipperaryLouthM MurphyL ColferD TubridyS McCormack
Mary MageeMary'S All StarsTyroneNew YorkCorkWestmeathP FinleyD ShineBarry BroganD Glennon
Slyvie MaguireR B G DerryRoscommonClareCarlowJ ClarkeL ColferC CooperJ Doyle
Lisa GallagerLisa'S ArmyCavanLondonLimerickKildareA CarrC MortimerD TubridyS McCormack
Joe GillespieEaster SnowDownSligoWaterfordWicklowM DunneD ShineD O'ConnorS Bray
Sean NugentThe Four FiversDownGalwayCorkLaoisP CunninghamL ColferBarry BroganC Begley
Damien & JohnArdvogueDonegalSligoClareLouthJ ClarkeD ShineD TubridyB Brosnan
Michael DohertyThe DocsAntrimMayoTipperaryWexfordM MurphyA MarrenI RyanS McCormack
Jimmy KeoghDynamo DubsArmaghMayoTipperaryKildareJ ClarkeL ColferI RyanD Glennon
Conor PattonPatton'S PalsMonaghanMayoCorkOffalyJ ClarkeD ShineG HurneyS McCormack
Shane ToolanT.T.T.ArmaghRoscommonCorkWexfordP CunninghamC MortimerI RyanB Brogan
Turlough McintyreSon Of A PitchDownLeitrimClareWestmeathA CarrL ColferD O'ConnorN Dunne
Coleman KerrKilleen CeltsMonaghanLondonWaterfordLaoisP CunninghamC MortimerBarry BroganD Clarke
Johnny J PattonJohnny'S BoysTyroneNew YorkWaterfordDublinM MurphyD ShineI RyanN Dunne
Philip PattonTop DogsTyroneLondonCorkKildareJ ClarkeC MortimerD O'ConnorD Clarke
Rachael PattonLeitrim LassiesMonaghanLeitrimClareLongfordP BradleyA MarrenI RyanS Bray
Charlie PattonBookie MenFermanaghRoscommonLimerickOffalyP BradleyC MortimerBarry BroganS Bray
Laura PattonLaura'S LeitrimAntrimGalwayKerryCarlowA CarrP ConroyI RyanS Bray
Rebecca PattonRock OnTyroneRoscommonWaterfordMeathA CarrL ColferC CooperJj Smith
Declan RooneyMonaghanArmaghMayoCorkWexfordJ ClarkeC MortimerC CooperD Glennon
John Mc CaddenJaffa RangersFermanaghGalwayWaterfordWexfordS QuigleyP ConroyC CooperB Brogan
David Mc CaddenKate'S CeltsArmaghNew YorkLimerickKildareA CarrD ShineD O'ConnorN Dunne
Eoghan Ruadh O NeillThe RorysFermanaghLeitrimLimerickKildareP FinleyC MortimerD O'ConnorJ Doyle
Adrian Mc GoldrickGolden FiddleDerryMayoWaterfordDublinS QuigleyP ConroyD TubridyS Bray
Sean FergusonFergies BoysMonaghanMayoKerryCarlowJ ClarkeC MortimerBarry BroganS Bray
Mick McgrathBridgend BabesCavanSligoCorkDublinS QuigleyC MortimerD O'ConnorB Brogan
Cormac McCoskerTyrone TerriersAntrimMayoClareCarlowM DunneC MortimerD O'ConnorS Bray
Jackie GallagherArdara BoysDownNew YorkLimerickKildareP FinleyD ShineD TubridyJj Smith
Sean PerryThe Long HaulArmaghSligoWaterfordCarlowA CarrP ConroyC CooperS Bray
Steven PerryThe Young BeaversMonaghanNew YorkWaterfordWexfordP FinleyC MortimerD TubridyJj Smith
Eugene PerryMidland SamFermanaghLeitrimWaterfordWestmeathS O'NeillD ShineG HurneyS McCormack
Jim KaneVisitorsTyroneLondonClareWicklowJ ClarkeP ConroyBarry BroganN Dunne
Dee Dee DrummondI Prefer SoccerAntrimRoscommonWaterfordOffalyS QuigleyA MarrenD O'ConnorB Brogan
Chris KellyDubs On CallArmaghSligoWaterfordKildareP CunninghamD ShineD TubridyT Hannon
Brian RoperPrincess LeiaDerryNew YorkTipperaryLongfordP FinleyA MarrenC CooperS Bray
Pat McgrathCashelard GaelsCavanLeitrimWaterfordDublinS O'NeillC MortimerD O'ConnorN Dunne
Ronan MatthewsGi GaelsTyroneGalwayKerryCarlowP FinleyE MulliganD O'ConnorB Brogan
Peter GallagherBenildus GaelsMonaghanNew YorkKerryWicklowS O'NeillA MarrenG HurneyN Dunne
Johnny GallagherFalcarragh ShamrocksDonegalSligoLimerickKildareP FinleyA MarrenD TubridyS McCormack
Charlie GillespieFallen ArchesDerryRoscommonClareLouthP CunninghamP ConroyD O'ConnorS McCormack
Claire FloodPeile Na MbanArmaghLeitrimCorkLaoisS QuigleyP ConroyD TubridyB Brosnan
Liam ThomasWashpool UnitedDonegalNew YorkCorkCarlowS O'NeillP ConroyD O'ConnorJj Smith
Pj BuggyAbbey ShamrocksAntrimSligoClareLaoisS QuigleyC MortimerG HurneyD Glennon
John MageeAssaroe GaelsDownMayoKerryWicklowP BradleyP ConroyD TubridyJ Doyle
Pauric BuggyMilltown MarvelsCavanNew YorkWaterfordLongfordS QuigleyE MulliganG HurneyD Clarke
Terence Mc SheaTully RoversArmaghSligoKerryWicklowM DunneD ShineBarry BroganN Dunne
Andrew Mc SheaAndys ChoiceDownLondonClareMeathM MurphyL ColferD O'ConnorJj Smith
Tom GallagherCamp Lane RangersTyroneLeitrimTipperaryLongfordP FinleyP ConroyG HurneyB Brogan
Anne Mc SheaKiltane All StarsTyroneLeitrimTipperaryLongfordM DunneP ConroyC CooperS Bray
Tom DalyCreevy GaelsDonegalLondonClareCarlowP CunninghamL ColferI RyanB Brosnan
Peter CampbellDemo DamesTyroneSligoKerryWicklowM MurphyP ConroyD TubridyB Brogan
David HoeyOn The BusesCavanGalwayWaterfordCarlowA CarrA MarrenBarry BroganB Brosnan
John MuldoonDoomedCavanSligoKerryLouthP FinleyD ShineD O'ConnorS Bray
Oisin & MichealTwin StrikersArmaghRoscommonClareLongfordP CunninghamP ConroyG HurneyD Glennon
Katie & TrinityNew YorkersCavanLondonKerryLouthS O'NeillE MulliganBarry BroganS McCormack
Karol FoleySligo LadiesDerryMayoCorkLongfordP FinleyA MarrenD TubridyT Hannon
Jake FoleySheamusAntrimRoscommonClareMeathP FinleyE MulliganC CooperD Glennon
Nadine DohertyUncle PaddiesAntrimNew YorkWaterfordLouthM MurphyP ConroyD TubridyD Glennon
Larry DolanWhateverMonaghanGalwayWaterfordWicklowJ ClarkeD ShineD TubridyS McCormack
Anthony BoweringBob The BuilderMonaghanLeitrimCorkLaoisM. DunneC. MortimerD. TurbidyS. Bray
Brian BoyleThe ApprenticeArmaghLondonWaterfordWexfordP. FinleyC. MortimerD. TurbidyS. Bray
Patsy KellyThe WallysDonegalLondon ClareCarlowP. FinleyA. MarrenG. HurneyB. Brogan
Philip BoyleThe ToshersDownRoscommonCorkLongfordM. DunneL. ColferI. RyanJJ Smith
Tony LoughlinMoy Road MenDownLeitrimClareOffalyJ. ClarkeE. MulliganG. HurneyD. Clarke
Gregory SweeneyMilky Bar KidsTyroneMayoTipperaryOffalyM. MurphyC. MortimerB. GroganC. Begley
John Joe DalyKerry MaidsAntrimGalwayClareWexfordA. CarrD. ShineC. CooperC. Begley

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